The Ghost Story Guys

True stories of the paranormal, told with humor, humanity, and just a pinch of skepticism. Hosted by Brennan Storr & Paul Bestall.

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episode 17: Re-Joining the Losers Club

On this episode we return to the loving embrace of everyone's favorite killer clown - IT. Ian and I run through our thoughts on the new film with digressions to 3am rat-hunting, ironic veganism, and the dangers of putting your eggs in one basket.


 2017-09-19  37m

episode 16: The Men Who Are Not There

On this episode we throw out the rundown and talk about a phenomenon neither of us had really heard of before - men in coveralls who appear both on the borders of sleep and in the middle of the day. This one is quite literally hot off the presses, having come from an interview Brennan conducted recently, so it's a short episode but there are a LOT of outtakes.


 2017-09-06  38m

episode 15: Spirits of the Cage, with Richard Estep

Ever wonder what it's like to investigate a haunted medieval prison for witches? Wonder no more! On this episode we interview Richard Estep, co-author (with Vanessa Mitchell) of the upcoming book, "Spirits of the Cage: True Accounts of Living in a Haunted Medieval Prison". From "The Growler" to demons to shadow men, we get the true story of a house so haunted the owner refuses to live there.


 2017-08-22  46m

episode 14: Annabelle and the Chamber of Air Quotes

Did you ever want to know the true story behind the movie "Annabelle: Creation"? On this episode, we sail up that particular river of lies to terminate the legend of our own pudgy Colonel Kurtz, finding some actual haunted items, the spirits of children channeled via Salvia, and the closest thing to a demon either of us has ever seen along the way.


 2017-08-09  48m

episode 13: The Haunted Island of Dr. KillJoy

On this episode Brennan and Ian tackle the famous haunted islands of Poveglia and Daksa, only to learn that the truth is way less fun than the legends. They do manage to find 2 other haunted islands, though, before bumping up against another annoying truth off the coast of Maine.


 2017-07-26  37m

episode 12: A Strange Little Place, with Brennan Storr

Have you ever heard of the haunted town of Revelstoke? It's a strange little place tucked away in western Canada, and it has a paranormal history stretching back almost 100 years, including everything from ghosts, to UFOs, to gremlins and sasquatch. Think of it as a Canadian Skinwalker Ranch, but with exceptional coffee and baked goods. Revelstoke is also the home of our very own Brennan Storr, who wrote his book on the subject: "A Strange Little Place"


 2017-07-10  49m

episode 11: Haunted East Los Angeles, with Mario Becerra

On this episode we host Mario Becerra, author of "Haunted East Los Angeles". The book is the first collection of ghost stories to come out of East LA and to celebrate we experiment a little bit with sound. Listen with headphones!


 2017-06-13  42m

episode 10: The River Was Our Boogeyman

Brennan's back from the road (and the flu, which is why this episode is coming a week late) with a selection of stories including things in the dark, possible screen memories, and a man who may have survived the Missing 411 phenomenon.


 2017-06-05  41m

episode 9: I Said, God Damn the Shadow Man

On this episode we discuss stories of Shadow People - both those encountered by us and by people we know. Also, Brennan tells the story about that time he slept in his car near the Indian burial ground and Ian forgets how to tell time.


 2017-05-16  53m

episode 8: Psychic Dreaming, with Loyd Auerbach

In the first half, Loyd Auerbach joins us to talk about the reissue of his 1991 best-seller "Psychic Dreaming", psychic detectives, and how he became a chocolatier. In the second half, Ian refuses to interpret Brennan's dreams and Brennan talks about remote viewing and his mystical connection with Pennsylvania.


 2017-05-02  1h10m