The Ghost Story Guys

True stories of the paranormal, told with humor, humanity, and just a pinch of skepticism. Hosted by Brennan Storr & Paul Bestall.

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episode 1: This Present Darkness

On our first official episode of 2020 we dive into a huge pile of listener stories and find shadow people waiting in the night, visits from the Sideways People, the hands under the bed, and so much more. We also announce our musical partnership with the annoyingly talented Kevin Eustace! Also on this episode: the Cardboard Man cometh, rolling ghost, and, in the outtakes, a grave injustice inflicted upon Rod Stewart.


 2020-01-21  1h20m

episode 2: Those Haunted Penitentiary Blues

Break out your harmonicas and striped pajamas because on this episode we're taking a look at haunted prisons, past and present, with an exclusive look into the strange goings-on at an unnamed Florida penitentiary, courtesy of our listener Michael. This one goes to some dark places, so you've been warned. Also on this episode: Ian makes friends in prison, Brennan brings down the mood with the help of Cambodia, and we launch the Ghost Line!


 2020-02-04  1h3m

episode 3: Whisperers in the Dark

You're alone in the dark and someone, or something, calls your name - what do you do?  On this episode, our listeners share their experiences and tell us exactly how they dealt with disembodied voices, mid-air fireballs, camping trips in Bigfoot country, and so much more.  Also on this episode:  Brennan's plexiglass house, Ian's terrifying hormones, and a haunted hotel room.


 2020-02-18  1h9m

episode 4: This Jacob is Dead

Psychic hostages, more encounters with the pale shadows, a dead little boy in the mirror, and one of the most unsettling stories we've ever heard are just a few of the things you'll find on our latest set of listener stories. Also on this episode: the angry fire hydrant at your door, an empty apartment looms, and Ian's guard cat.


 2020-03-03  1h8m

episode 5: May the Dead Rise Up to Meet You: The Haunting of Ireland

St. Patrick's Day is upon us and that means it's time for us to share our long-in-gestation episode about haunting in Ireland!  This one is a special show, with stories that are unique to the Emerald Isle:  the shadows in the cemetery, the thing that cried, the puppet people, and so much more. Also on this episode:  an overshare interlude, Ian feasts, and everything that can go wrong on one of our recording sessions, does.


 2020-03-17  1h15m

episode 6: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Haunted

This time around we join Idris Elba in canceling the apocalypse by recording this bad boy from 2 separate locations, a first for the show.  We laugh, we cry (not really), and we tell some great goddamn listener stories, in defiance of nature and turducken, the story of which you'll have to listen to find out. Also on this episode:  Brennan reports from quarantine, Ian's cat wants to become our third host, and we end up with a solid three minutes of outtakes.


 2020-03-31  1h9m

episode 7: The Shadows Know

In trying times, we can always count on our fear of shadow people to supersede other concerns. On this episode they're hiding in basements, destroying relationships, and quite possibly ending up on watchlists. Ever wondered about the efficacy of throwing a gun at a ghost? Listen, and wonder no more. Also on this episode: Ian got cool, Brennan turned to violence, and how you too can be a superhero at not being a superhero.


 2020-04-14  1h3m

episode 8: The Riddle of the Mountains

What nightmares await amidst the alpine peaks above us?  On this episode we find out, and guest storyteller Paul Bestell of the Mysteries & Monsters podcast is along for the ride.  A hungry mountain, the man in the well, and secrets of a secluded hunting lodge in Bosnia are just a few of the stories waiting for you in this one.


 2020-04-28  1h23m

episode 9: Don't Answer the Door

It's time for another round of listener stories and things get weird: phantom cats, the little girl in the vents, a man held hostage by an unseen presence, and the very real dangers of falling asleep with the door unlocked are just a taste of what we have in store.


 2020-05-12  1h11m

episode 10: The Phantom of the Factory

On this globe-spanning episode we explore our very first set of Djinn stories from Pakistan, a disembodied hand reaches around the door of an Australian hospital, an urban explorer in the Rust Belt meets his match, and so much more!


 2020-05-26  1h11m