The Ghost Story Guys

True stories of the paranormal, told with humor, humanity, and just a pinch of skepticism. Hosted by Brennan Storr & Paul Bestall.

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episode 10: Fear of the Dark

On this episode, Paul gives us the goods from last weekend's Nebraska Bigfoot Conference, we continue a story from what may be Wisconsin's most haunted apartment block, a harmless board game in a cemetery ends in snake eyes, and so much more.


 2021-05-04  1h32m

episode 11: Secrets of the Ghostlight, with Amanda Woomer

Every theater has a ghostlight, but not every theater has a ghost - the Starry Night Theater, in Tonawanda, New York, also known as the Ghostlight Theater, has both, and on this episode, guest storyteller Amanda Woomer joins Brennan and Paul to read some of those stories.  Shadow people, time slips, and straight up haunting have all been experienced in the Ghostlight, and documented in Amanda's latest book, "Ghosts of the Ghostlight Theater".


 2021-05-18  1h43m

episode 12: Under the Bridge, with Mister Sam Shearon

Throughout folklore bridges have been regarded as places of mystery - they've harbored trolls, trapped vampires, and even gotten Clint Eastwood laid. On this episode we're joined by guest storyteller and artist Mister Sam Shearon to explore some strange happenings around bridges, where the only thing more frightening than the dark are the things it's hiding.


 2021-06-01  1h53m

episode 13: The Gnome Watcher

The person you love most in the world leaves the room via one door and inexplicably re-enters through another. Their expression is now completely blank, but they're still coming towards you - do you trust them, or do you run? On this episode, one of our listeners tells us how it went for them...


 2021-06-15  1h33m

episode 14: Who Are the Plaid People?

They can appear as a fever dream, a hallucination, or even solid physical forms moving through your home, but who the hell are the Plaid People, and why do their eyes shine? On this episode we don't get any closer to an answer, but a listener story gives us a few more questions to chew on. We also examine stories of high strangeness in the desert, monsters at the door, and so much more. Also on this episode: when springing to the rescue goes bad, and Paul vs. Words makes a triumphant return


 2021-06-29  1h45m

episode 15: Dial G For Ghost

Remember when "Reach Out and Touch Somebody" was a hopeful slogan for telephones and not a terrible supernatural promise? The Ghost Story Guys remember. On this episode, however, we're leaning way into the latter, with tales of terror centered on or around phones. Also on this episode: Bren vs. words, and one of the best old-school GSG digressions we've had in a while.


 2021-07-13  1h35m

episode 16: The Goodbye Ghosts

On this episode we finally crack into the script Brennan's been holding onto - the one where people share their stories of interactions with passed-on loved ones and pets. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll hear about the time Paul was almost murdered by cows. Yes, you read that right. Also on this episode: Brennan's haunted weekend, wigging out, and talking about bears to children


 2021-07-27  1h22m

episode 17: The Haunting of Vietnam

On our first country-specific episode since "The Haunting of Poland", we dive into stories of the paranormal from Vietnam, where a formless crying entity forces a man from his house in the dead of night, malicious spirits masquerading as children cause havoc on the highway, and so much more! Also on this episode: UFOs over Sheffield, the haunted toilets of England, and the natural world has Brennan in its crosshairs


 2021-08-10  1h15m

episode 18: In Case of Haunting, Break Glass

Somewhere in Modoc County, California there sits a motel that will forever put you off staying in room 4 - any room 4. In Bayonne, New Jersey, a horrible horn sounds, but can only be heard by a select few. When the world gets weird, your only weapon is to get weirder, and on this show we do just that. Also on this episode: perfect seasons of TV, The Relationship Guys, and the lame kind of Plaid Person


 2021-08-24  1h38m

episode 19: Mysteries of Hawaii, with Lopaka Kapanui

What does it take to be considered a master storyteller? On this episode, Lopaka Kapanui, THE Hawaiian Ghost Story Guy, comes on to show us how it's done as we read from his beautiful, haunting book "Mysteries of Hawaii." From the Night Marchers to spirit trails to the Menehune, Lopaka walks us through his home state's rich tapestry of folklore as we laugh, and maybe even cry just a little. This is one of our best shows yet.


 2021-09-07  1h48m