The Goblin's Corner

Professional GMs Eric Holden & Matt Staples talk gaming, storytelling and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Dungeons & Dragons (or other table top RPGs), a gaming pro, or somewhere in between, you can be assured to learn something that will make your game more interesting, engaging, and most of all fun.

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episode 87: Stupid Spells pt3: Nonsensical Necromancy

Whereupon we let the bodies hit the floor, and reanimate a third portion of delightfully weird and potentially useless spells for your game. Magic sure to raise your spirits (and potentially your friends).



episode 86: Chimeras pt2: Flying Monstrosities

Whereupon we raid the winged simian research lab in OZ to bring you more amazing, terrifying and ridiculous chimeras for your amusement. Let us inspire you to give your players a WTF moment.



episode 85: Artifacts

Whereupon we roll a Titan for some sacred flame and enlighten you with ways to bring interesting artifacts to your tabletop, your story, and your players. We also toss a few freebee artifacts to use in your game as well...enjoy!



episode 84: Space Stations

Whereupon we suit up for the cold black expanse and hyperspace in some delightful ideas to create, run and play space stations. Welcome aboard, and mind your head stepping through the airlock.



episode 83: Elder Goods

Whereupon we summon a mystical heavyset man in red garments to bring epic, world ending tidings of good for your tabletop role playing game of choice. Bestow amazing feats of creation and worldbuilding on your players with our holiday episode!


 2021-12-20  53m

episode 82: Terrain Series pt4: Taiga Forests

Whereupon we don our cold winter gear and ride into snowy woods on dire rabbits to bring new flair into one of the least talked about habitats. Learn about climate, story options for the freezing wilderness, and more about dire beavers than you thought possible.


 2021-12-13  1h7m

episode 81: Fantasy Taverns & Their Drinks

Whereupon we diligently gather information of various fantasy drinking establishments for your player characters to haunt. Learn the difference between a tavern and a pub, what not to order in a planar bar, and why gnomes are fun to party with.


 2021-12-06  1h16m

episode 80: Ludicrous Bestiary Volume 3: Feline Horrors

Whereupon we scour the Abyss for the darkest creatures to throw into your game, and find that they are all in fact cats. Enjoy six fuzzy monsters to add story options, flavor for a campaign, or just terrorize your players.


 2021-11-29  45m

episode 79: Ancient Civilizations

Whereupon we uncover the dust of ages and bring options, thematics and storylines for adding ancient civilizations to your TTRPG. Dig in and learn how to make your world interesting, rich in culture, and timeless.


 2021-11-22  1h9m

episode 78: Cursed Items

Whereupon we take the wheel of a red 1958 Plymouth Fury to distribute some fun ideas regarding cursed items for your game. Climb in, give a listen, and don't mind the Pazuzu amulet in the glove box.


 2021-11-15  54m