The Goblin's Corner

Professional GMs Eric Holden & Matt Staples talk gaming, storytelling and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Dungeons & Dragons (or other table top RPGs), a gaming pro, or somewhere in between, you can be assured to learn something that will make your game more interesting, engaging, and most of all fun.

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episode 15: Halloween Review: Call of Cthulhu

 In our part 3 of 5 series for Halloween, Eric & Matt review the dark tentacled majesty that is Call of Cthulhu, explore options and rules for clever GMs, and talk Necrids from our friends at Eldritch Dream Games. 


 2020-10-29  31m

episode 14: Halloween Review: Dread

In our part 2 of 5 series for Halloween, Eric & Matt review some horror Jenga, and why you should totally mess your friends up with this game. We also discuss liches, courtesy of Eldritch Dream Games.


 2020-10-28  23m

episode 13: Halloween Review: Deadlands

In our part 1 of 5 series for Halloween, Eric & Matt review the wild west horror game Deadlands, and why they think it's a great fit for your bookshelf. We also get to try out some fun monsters from Eldritch Dream Games.


 2020-10-27  45m

episode 12: Kobolds & Goblins

Whereupon we enjoy a hearty discussion regarding two of our favorite underrated monsters: the trap loving kobold, and the mischievously murderous goblin. Lore, society, and potential builds for GMs included.


 2020-10-26  46m

episode 11: Why Play Tabletop Role Playing Games?

Whereupon we give you a reason for playing tabletop RPGs (as if you needed one) and venture down the rabbit hole of pizza toppings way more than we should. Listener suggested episode!


 2020-10-19  59m

episode 10: First Game

Whereupon we debate how hot superhero costumes can get in the south, as well as prepare newcomers for typical shenanigans to expect during their first game session. 


 2020-10-12  42m

episode 9: Session Zero

Whereupon we drink deep from the well of knowledge (and Eric's liquor cabinet), going into the differences in group zeros versus solo zeros, along with the benefits and potential pitfalls of each. Listen close, there'll be a test later.


 2020-10-05  57m

episode 8: Playing Online vs. Playing In Person

Whereupon we argue the pros and cons of online gaming versus in person gaming, in a world where we're pretty much limited to online gaming (thanks covid-19).


 2020-09-28  37m

episode 7: How To Host A Game Night

Whereupon we describe the many tips to successfully set up and host an amazing game night, and talk probably way too much about snacks. Life lessons, lessons.


 2020-09-21  35m

episode 6: How To Be A Good Player

Whereupon we give dos and don'ts of proper player etiquette, gripe like old men on a porch, and wax philosophical regarding Matt's TV watching habit.


 2020-09-14  35m