The Goblin's Corner

Professional GMs Eric Holden & Matt Staples talk gaming, storytelling and more. Whether you’re a newcomer to the world of Dungeons & Dragons (or other table top RPGs), a gaming pro, or somewhere in between, you can be assured to learn something that will make your game more interesting, engaging, and most of all fun.

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episode 115: Chimeras pt3: Monstrous Mounts

Whereupon we rustle up eight new and spectacular mashed-up creatures for your characters to ride. Fly through the air, swim in the oceans, phase through the earth! Sure beats a horse.


 2022-07-11  47m

episode 114: Best of Volume 2

Here's some more of our favorite clips from over 100 episodes of the show. We'll be back from vacation next week, so enjoy and we'll see you soon.


 2022-07-06  25m

episode 113: Best of Volume 1

Here's a few of our favorite clips from over 100 episodes of the show. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


 2022-06-29  21m

episode 112: Stupid Spells pt4: Enlightened Evocation

Whereupon we rub two sticks together to shed light on several hot new spells to delight magic users and provide radiant storytelling. Magic sure to warm hearts and melt your characters’ faces off.


 2022-06-20  40m

episode 111: Ettins & Fomorians

Whereupon we put several heads together and come up with big story options regarding two little used, but well loved giant species. Get some lore, upgrades and more in this double (headed) monster episode.


 2022-06-13  59m

episode 110: Planar Series pt3: The Ethereal Plane

Whereupon we leap headfirst into the mists, to bring back wisdom from one of the original transitive planes in D&D. Learn about everything hidden in the Ethereal Plane, along with planar geography, denizens, and mad wizard duplicates.


 2022-06-07  1h1m

Adventuring Schools

Whereupon we don dark spectacles for better hallway vision and reveal a plethora of storytelling options to create your own adventuring schools. Grab your notebooks and listen closely...there may be a test later.


 2022-05-30  1h1m

episode 108: Mastery of the Mundane

Whereupon we hit up local the general store and come up with unique uses for everyday items, directly out of the 5th Edition Player's Handbook. Be prepared to look at your gear in a new light, and don't listen to your DM rattling on about encumbrance.


 2022-05-23  54m

episode 107: Crafting On A Budget With DM Scotty

Eric & Matt chat with crafting legend DM Scotty, creator of the YouTube series TheDMsCraft, about creating monsters and terrain on the cheap. Learn inexpensive ways to create amazing minis for your tabletop game, necessary materials to start the hobby, and much to do about hot glue guns.


 2022-05-16  1h9m

episode 106: Getting Organized

Whereupon we invade the local office supply store for methods to assist setting up and managing a TTRPG. Find out useful ways for keeping track of stories, characters and NPCs, both offline and online.


 2022-05-09  1h7m