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The Godcast, Episode 94: Somebody Pick Up That Phone (Because We Called It!)

If someone leaving Christianity can't give you a specific, logical reason for doing so, it's because they want to stick their dick where it doesn't belong. On this episode, SuperLutheran and Myles openly mock David Gass, the disgraced former pastor...



The Godcast, Episode 93: A Primer on the Rosary

Real Catholic hours, who up!? On this week's episode, StugLife and John Franco give an explanation of what the Rosary is, how to pray it, and its significance to Catholicism and Christianity in general. Pints With Aquinas - Marian Dogmas ...



The Godcast, Episode 92: A Big Bag of Chronology and Myles

Myles is striking out on his own on this episode of the Godcast, but thankfully, only for this week. He catches up on questions that we had in the bag. For our second half, we have an excellent interview with Seraphim, proprietor of Apologia Pro Ortho...


 2019-04-21  1h30m

The Godcast, Episode 91: Catching Up on Questions

This week the Nicene Council catches up on listener emails and comments. The questions hit a wide variety of topics including spiritual warfare, end-of-life medicine, gnosticism, and more, so be sure to listen in!    Harlequin, by Therion...


 2019-04-14  1h42m

The Godcast, Episode 90: Marcionism is an Interracial Porno

On this episode, SuperLutheran, John Franco and Myles discuss why gnosticism is completely untenable, and why anyone who tries to push it is dumb. We also discuss the heresy of Marcionism, the idea that the God of the Old Testament isn't the God of...


 2019-03-31  54m

The Godcast, Episode 89: Harlequin, Self-Assembling Machine Elves, and Other Horrors

The Godcast has a big lineup on this week's episode! Myles and SuperLutheran are joined by Walrus Aurelius of Exodus Americanus and our longtime contributor, Spooky Ghost. We discuss the the overlap between spirituality, spirits themselves, and drug...


 2019-03-25  1h44m

The Godcast, Episode 88: Pagan-gang: A John Franco Story

In this episode, John Franco joins Myles to answer several listener emails and share his conversion story. He gives a number of insights into paganism in the modern era and explores what it is they're searching for. The song played during the break is...


 2019-03-10  1h19m

The Godcast, Episode 87: Anthropological Evidence of Documents

SuperLutheran and Myles are joined by John Franco, our newest member of the Nicene Council and devout Roman Catholic. The Godcast will be a truly ecumenical podcast moving forward. In this episode, we answer a few listener emails, make plans for a...


 2019-02-24  1h30m

The Godcast, Episode 86: A Bigger Bag of Listener Emails

On this week's episode, SuperLutheran and Myles dig into the emails that have been piling up. There are plenty of thought-provoking emails our listeners have sent to us in this episode. If you have a question about the Christian faith or anything...


 2019-02-17  1h46m

The Godcast, Episode 85: This is How You Don't Revise Your Chronology

On this episode of the Godcast, SuperLutheran and Myles tackle some listener emails and comments, followed by a review of the concept of chronological revisionism. In a nutshell, chronological revisionism is the idea that the official narrative on...


 2019-02-04  2h9m