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The Good News Podcast is your thrice weekly reminder that not all news is bad.

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episode 14: Clownin'

Neil talks to a very smart clown.


 2017-12-26  6m

episode 13: Carols by Katie

Neil’s wife is Jewish but she loves singing Christmas carols-- even if she doesn’t know the words.


 2017-12-22  5m

episode 12: If it's yellow, let it mellow

Cards Against Humanity staff member Holly Chernobyl shares some easy tips on how to live and consume more sustainably.


 2017-12-21  8m

episode 11: principal power

Public education in America could use a shake-up, maybe Principle Hamish Brewer is the guy to do it.


 2017-12-20  3m

episode 10: Yoga Dogs

Colleen talks to a Dan Borris, photographer, and creator of Yoga Dogs.


 2017-12-19  7m

episode 9: catcade

An arcade plus cat recuse.... do we need to say more.


 2017-12-18  4m

episode 8: A 4-Point Plan

Neil and Colleen talk about a 4-point plan to help avoid another #metoo generation. Includes an interview with Professor Poco Kernsmith co-author of the plan.


 2017-12-15  3m

episode 7: Best By Date

The pasta sauce in your refrigerator says expired but it smells fine, do you still eat it? Colleen and Neil talk food and sustainability.


 2017-12-14  4m

episode 6: NOVA

Today we chat with Lisa Beasley a co-founder of The Nova Collective, a consulting service that helps companies a build more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces.


 2017-12-13  7m

episode 5: Maybe LOVES dogs

Youth producer Eboni Johnson takes listeners on a journey. Does she like dogs? Does she hate dogs? Listen to find out.


 2017-12-12  7m