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The Good News Podcast is your thrice weekly reminder that not all news is bad.

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episode 23: Cornbread!

On today's episode, The Good News Podcast shares an audio postcard from a cornbread--- that's right, cornbread-- festival in Tennessee.


 2018-01-09  5m

episode 24: Itty bitty tiny things

Neil interviews Katie about something she loves very very much, very very tiny things.


 2018-01-08  7m

episode 21: Bikes and Roses

Colleen and Neil discuss biking and honking. Neil interviews a program director for a Chicago non-profit.


 2018-01-05  6m

episode 20: Dream Big, Young Wrestler

Student producer Iridian Fierro talks about dreaming big, wrestling, finding your path and being generally amazing. Also, Neil whispers and gives Colleen the creeps.


 2018-01-04  7m

episode 19: Wiki What?!

Neil chats with a prof about a new way he's embracing Wikipedia as a teaching tool and helping nonprofits. Huzzah!!


 2018-01-03  7m

episode 18: AA

Student producer Alex Arata shares a story about an unlikely safe haven from her childhood.


 2018-01-02  6m

episode 17: Balloon animals

What's your happy place? Neil and Colleen track down a listener and dish.


 2017-12-29  4m

episode 16: Good news from Toronto

A listener recently sent us an email and that made this episode possible.


 2017-12-28  4m

episode 15: Cardboard Rocket Ships (repeat)

An oldie but a goodie, Colleen and Neil talk to kids about what they'd build out of cardboard.


 2017-12-27  5m

episode 14: Clownin'

Neil talks to a very smart clown.


 2017-12-26  6m