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Hosts SkeleTony and Taylor of Terror discuss the latest and greatest the horror world has to offer. Each episode features two movie reviews and "Horror Business," the latest news in movies, TV, comics, video games, and more. Oh, and dick jokes. Lots of dick jokes. New episodes every other Wednesday.

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Episode 178 – We Are the Flesh/We Are What We Are

¡Hola! Welcome to the first ever Grave Plot Podcast Cinco de Mayo special! In honor of today's holiday, we're talking about Mexican horror and even, gulp, drinking tequila. Before we get to all that, though,



Episode 177 – Jakob’s Wife/Lucky

Do you know where you are? You're in the jungle, baby! Wake up and grab a steaming hot cup of Grave Plot Podcast to start your day. After some rambling about vaccines and home repair, we kick off Real World Horror with Elon Musk's business partner d...



Episode 176 – Wrong Turn (2021)/Psycho Goreman

Hey, kid. Yeah, you. Wanna know a secret? Lean in close and we'll whisper in your ear a brand new episode of The Grave Plot Podcast. We open up by mourning the loss of makeup artist Cleve Hall. Cleve was the first celebrity we ever met at our very f...


 2021-04-07  2h13m

Episode 175 – Extra Ordinary/Wake Wood

Who do you think you are? We are! Welcome back to the Grave Plot for the big 1-7-5. We kick off the episode with a bunch of nonsense about vaccines and other irrelevant rantings. Finally, we get to Real World Horror,


 2021-03-25  2h25m

Episode 174 – Sacrifice/The Stylist

Oh well they're back. The men behind the mask. And they crawled out of their hole. We start things off with Real World Horror, where we talk about the slightly creepy act of having dinner with wax figures at a New York steakhouse.


 2021-03-10  2h19m

Episode 173 – Willy’s Wonderland/Saint Maud

Weeeeee're baaaaack! After taking a break off for the 2021 Grave Plot Film Fest, we're back to our regularly scheduled program. Today's episode gets a little off the rails at times, with asides featuring The Avengers, geography,


 2021-02-24  2h23m

Episode 172 – Bloody Hell/GetAWAY

OH YOU DIDN'T KNOW? Your ass better CALLLLL SOMEBODY. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Grave Plot Podcast is proud to bring to you, a brand new episode! If you're not down with that, we got two words for you. Luckily,


 2021-01-27  2h7m

Episode 171 – Castle Freak (2020)/Smiley Face Killers

Fear not, dear listeners, we have returned once again to ring in the new year with a brand new episode! We know you missed us, just as we missed our Christmas episode. However, we get back in the swing of things with our annual gift exchange,


 2021-01-13  2h33m

Episode 170 – Hanukkah/The Golem

Hello and Shalom! Welcome to the first ever Grave Plot Podcast Hanukkah special! Come and enjoy the mitzvah that is this special episode, whether you be Semite or gentile. We start off this festival of frights with a Real World Horror story about an...


 2020-12-16  2h57m

Episode 169 – Nobody Sleeps in the Woods Tonight/The Dark and the Wicked

Welcome back to the greatest show on Earth. We're back in lock down so we're back to recording remotely. We reach out and touch someone with a brand new episode, featuring so much Horror Business you'll be like "I'm tired of winning."


 2020-12-03  2h6m