The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio

Are you ready for a mystery? Get ready to unleash your inner sleuth. Every day Monday-Saturday, we feature a different detective audio drama from the Golden Age of Radio. Our current mystery-solving line-up of radio detectives includes The Adventures of the Falcon, Ellery Queen,   Dangerous Assignment, Mr. Chameleon, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, and Dragnet.Whether you want to listen to a mystery before going to sleep or enjoy some drama while driving, or just feel nostalgia for old-school radio fiction, we have you covered with six audio dramas every week.Podcast Award finalist Host Adam Graham has been your guide through dozens of old-time radio detective series since 2009. He provides insightful commentary and humor after each episode and responds to listener questions and feedback. You can subscribe to the Great Detectives of Old Time Radio from your favorite podcast app or by visiting our website at are currently in our fifteenth season of provided suspenseful mystery dramas. Our podcast feed captures the last 1,000 episodes we've released including all of seasons thirteen and fourteen, and part of season twelve...

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episode 164: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Royal Street Matter (EP4363)

Today's Mystery:Johnny goes to New Orleans to investigate why the owner of an insured, burnt-out antique shop hasn't filed a claim, and has expressed no interest in doing so .Original Radio Broadcast Dates: November 25, 1956 Originating from...



Mr. Chameleon: The Organ Grinder Murder Case (EP4362)

Today's Mystery:A young man is shot to death after trying to quit stealing jewelry. Original Radio Broadcast Date: June 8, 1949 Originating from New York CityStarring: Karl Swenson as Mister Chameleon Support the show monthly at...



episode 162: Dangerous Assignment: Boy Is Used as Courier (EP4361)

Today's Mystery: Steve is hired as tutor to a French boy with a near photographic memory whose father believes his current tutor is using to smuggle top secret information. Original Radio Broadcast Date: April 8, 1953 Originated in HollywoodStars:...



episode 161: Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Wounded Lieutenant (EP4360)

Today's Mystery :A former police detective is disabled while serving overseas and his battalion members are killed after a native waiter reports their planned attack. But how did the spy know? Original Radio Broadcast Date: November 18, 1943...



episode 160: The Falcon: The Case of the Stooge's Errand (EP4359)

Today's Mystery:The Falcon is hired to locate a boxing promoter who cheated two men out of a combined $40,000, but has a clever way to make sure they can't collect. Original Radio Broadcast Date: November 26, 1950 Originating from New York...



episode 159: Dragnet: The Big Grifter (EP4358)

Today's Mystery:Friday and Romero face off against a veteran con-man. Original Radio Broadcast Date: February 23, 1950 Originating from Hollywood Starring: Jack Webb as Sergeant Joe Friday; Barton Yarborough as Sergeant Ben Romero; Herb Butterfield...



episode 158: Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Markham Matter (EP4357)

Today's Mystery:Johnny goes to San Francisco because a high value company client has seemingly disappeared and her husband is acting suspicious. Original Radio Broadcast Dates: November 18, 1956 Originating from HollywoodStarring: Bob Bailey as...



episode 157: Mr. Chameleon: The Case of the Murdered Gold-Digger (EP4356)

Today's Mystery:A woman in flashy clothes is murdered in the driveway of a married man who swears he never ever saw her before. Original Radio Broadcast Date: June 1, 1949Originating from New York City Starring: Karl Swenson as Mister Chameleon...



episode 156: Dangerous Assignment: Rescue Rick Perez (EP4355)

Today's Mystery:Steve goes to Venezuela to rescue a U.S. agent who was investigating a Latin American revolutionary organization. Original Radio Broadcast Date: April 1, 1953 Originating in Hollywood Starring: Brian Donlevy as Steve Mitchell; Herb...



episode 155: Ellery Queen: The Adventure of the Income Tax Robbery (EP4354)

Today’s Mystery:A private detective turns to Ellery for help when his income tax blank is stolen, along with sensitive information that could expose his wealthy clients to blackmail. Original Radio Broadcast Date: March 12, 1942 Support the show...