The Greatest Generation

A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!

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episode 356: The Kitchen Conn (VOY S1E4)

When Neelix talks his way onto an away mission, it costs him a lot more than a week studying the tricorder manual. But when the doctor has to donate cycles on his holographic system to keep the ships “chef de cuisine” alive, the Voyager will have to chase down his assailants by entering another heavenly body...



episode 355: Galaxy Hall Pass (VOY S1E3)

When Captain Janeway and Tom Paris time travel to an alien world that creature effects forgot, it’s actually not a big deal that they left their loaf at home. But when they fuck around with the timeline and find out, they realize the error in bringing the prime directive to a gun fight. How much mayonnaise is the right amount for making caesar dressing? Did any of the Husnock actually have it coming? Is being “warp poor” a crime? It’s the episode that predates chaos theory!



episode 354: Too Much Entendre (Voyager S1E2)

When B’Elanna Torres tries one of her door-opening strategies on another engineer’s head, she remands him to the care of a shrinking holo-doctor. But when other heads start to ache all over the ship, the problem turns out to be coming from not from a fist, but from a butthole...



episode 353: The Bathroom Cloaca (VOY S1E1)

When the USS Voyager pursues a Maquis ship on a high-speed chase across the galaxy, they end up stranded far from home. But when they encounter an aging alien bent on reproduction, Captain Janeway will have to make a hard decision about saving some strangers or saving themselves. Do starships have “Rambo Resumes”? Can just anyone get the con? What are you doing, Rollins? It’s the episode that’s 100% Drago!



episode 352: Mount Allamaraine (DS9 Series Wrap-up)

We spend this episode looking back on all of Deep Space Nine, one of the most celebrated series in the Star Trek franchise. We talk about beloved characters, favorite villains, areas where the show slipped up, and others where it was sublime. And most importantly we nominate episodes our Mount Armus, Mount Knuckmore, and a new, third kind of mountain.



episode 351: The Prophet Goodbye (DS9 S7E25 & 26)

When the war against the Dominion reaches its apex, Changeleader is in danger of exceeding her sell by date. But when Captain Sisko confronts the prophets for the final time, it turns out that his character isn’t the only one saying goodbye. Does the Kosst Amojan have Cliff’s Notes? Which physical activity is best while wearing vestments? Is the Galaxy Class a renewable resource? It’s the episode that ends in an EECU!


 2021-02-01  2h1m

episode 350: Casa de Tain (DS9 S7E24)

When Sisko and the gang take delivery of a new Little D, it’s a glimmer of hope for the end of the war. But when Damar’s resistance is crushed by the Dominion, the last cell has to take refuge in Garak’s old basement...


 2021-01-25  1h23m

episode 349: Lights On (DS9 S7E23)

When time starts running out for Dr. Bashir to find a cure to Odo’s illness, he and Chief O’Brien resort to a desperate plan that would be right at home in a taut, mid-90’s movie thriller. But when they choose not to tell anyone about their plan, the away mission becomes more of a headache than they bargained for. How dangerous is being around a Changeling when they die? Why does the uncaged bird sing? Where should you keep the good stuff? It’s the episode that’s a maniac on the bio bed!


 2021-01-18  1h8m

episode 348: A Charade for Dignity (DS9 S7E22)

When Kira and Garak begin to turn Demar and his men into Maquis, they force Odo’s case of dandruff into the terminal stage. But when Bashir’s efforts to cure Section 31’s biological attack on the Founders comes up short, he and O’Brien will have to resort to their own cloak and dagger methods. Is Section 31 worse than Kevin? Why do we know what Cardassian balls look like? Is that one of Gowron’s men, or his stunt double? It’s the episode that woke up with ‘morning phaser.’


 2021-01-11  1h22m

episode 347: It Could Be Bajillions (DS9 S7E21)

When Colonel Kira, Odo and Garak go behind enemy lines, they’re there to do more than take pictures. But when Dr. Bashir starts experimenting on what Odo left behind, he finds a dark secret with dangerous implications. How much do Klingon warriors know about the K’Tang? Do the Priority One messages work like sandwiches? Is a cut to the wide shot a form of self-care? It’s the episode that won’t do shots with management!


 2021-01-04  1h22m