The Greatest Generation

The hilarious Star Trek review show you never knew you needed. Revisit TNG and DS9 with two friends who are a little bit embarrassed to be sharing their rewatch of these beloved series with the world. Tens of thousands of Friends of DeSoto can't be wrong!

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episode 315: R U Trying to Talk Kanar RE: Damar 2 Me? (DS9 S6E15)

When Chief O’Brien goes undercover to infiltrate a multi-level crime syndicate, he begins to see the advantage of working with his friends. But when his secret identity becomes something he can’t sell, his downstream employees may be stuck holding the ba



episode 314: Ennui About Un-Wee or Worf Poem Blueballs (DS9 S6E14)

When the Rubicon takes Dax, O’Brien and Bashir into a very chilly anomaly, the runabout and crew are subject to shrinkage. But when a marauding tick interrupts this extremely silly science, it’s up to these three pipsqueaks to save the day. What happens



episode 313: The Littler The Fruit, The Sweeter The Juice (DS9 S6E13)

When Captain Sisko begins to take the losses personally in the war against the Dominion, he questions whether or not he’s up to the task. But when he’s transported to a world where somehow things are worse, he’ll discover whether he’s “tuff enuff” for fu



episode 312: May the Fourth…Suck It (DS9 S6E12)

When everyone’s favorite barfly goes to Lurian Sto’Vo’Kor, Quark secures the funeral contract, not to mention the estate of the deceased. But when he starts getting blasts from Morn’s past, he wishes he could go back to getting blasts from the hammer. Ho



episode 311: The Best Ass in Starfleet (DS9 S6E11)

When Captain Sisko and Gul Dukat re-enact Enemy Mine, they have some real disagreements about who should play which part. But when the mission to save them repeatedly beams up a bunch of nobodies, hope may be lost before Sisko’s life. When do you get ove


 2020-04-27  1h2m

episode 310: This That Is My Dick (DS9 S6E10)

When the leader of the entire Ferengi Alliance puts Quark in charge of rescuing Moogie from the Dominion, he has to put together a crack team of Ferengi to aid him in the mission. But when the infiltration squad fails basic training, they revert to what


 2020-04-20  1h7m

episode 309: Thirsty for Friendship (DS9 S6E9)

When the Unpopular X-Men show up at DS9, the absence of Sir Patrick Stewart makes Dr. Bashir their Professor X. But when their mutant powers are mostly of the Nate Silver variety, all of the group’s predictions become incredibly pessimistic. Is Morn’s la


 2020-04-13  1h2m

episode 308: Vagrant Bareil (DS9 S6E8)

When Kira is having a tough time finding a dinner party date, she never expects one to beam in from the Mirror Universe. But when her new man proves spicier than the guys she typically dates, his appetite for Kiras might not be satiated by just one. Is t


 2020-04-06  1h6m

episode 307: Deprivation is First Base (DS9 S6E7)

When Worf and Dax decide to have their wedding on DS9, the noise complaints from their bachelor and bachelorette parties are nearly constant. But when Martok’s wife threatens to ruin their big day, it’ll be up to Captain Sisko to play relationship counse


 2020-03-30  1h14m

episode 306: Are You There Prophets? It’s me, The Sisko (DS9 S6E6)

When the Federation fleet sails into the teeth of battle, only corny poetry can gird the spirits of the Little D crew. But when the battle goes much better for the Federation than is generally known, Dukat tries to clinch victory in the funnest way possi


 2020-03-23  1h12m