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episode 298: It’s Always Your Birthday at the Klingon Restaurant (DS9 S5E24)

When Chief O’Brien needs to go on a parts run, he takes a runabout to a pick and pull salvage station. But when it turns out the place is protected by racist Cardassians, what was once O’Brien’s simple maintenance project turns into building warriors out



episode 297: Get It, Player (DS9 S5E23)

When the Maquis throw one last Hail Mary, it might be Klingon footballs they’ve flung toward Cardassia. But when Ben Sisko gets an old enemy out of jail to stop them, it’s not Alcatraz they’ll have to break into. Did it really take this long to think of



episode 296: Lt. Coffee (DS9 S5E22)

When Dax insists on doing one more Star Trek before going to sleep, the crew agrees to squeeze it in. But when they must decide what to do about “Planet Progeny,” it’s a decision will keep them up at night. How much does a Klingon head weigh? Where are a



episode 295: It Clears the Dance Floor (DS9 S5E21)

When Martok gets commissioned to captain the worst ship in the Klingon military, Worf gets the honor of whipping the crew into shape. But when Dax starts to observe a certain lack of commitment among the crew, she’s the only one that can warn Worf of the



episode 294: Quotient of Shame (DS9 S5E20)

When Quark returns to his childhood home on Ferenginar, his old bedroom closet has been converted into something else. But when he finds his mother secretly canoodling with a powerful man, he can’t help but interfere in her affairs. Should Martok have an



episode 293: You Can’t be a Legate in Tweed (DS9 S5E19)

When Yaremfel syndrome threatens to kill Tekeny, his final act is to spill the tea on his political enemies. But when Kira learns that he’s just another Cardassian, she has a tough time bringing herself to record the priceless intelligence he has to offe


 2019-12-23  1h11m

Swiss Army Bathroom (Gremlins Holiday Special)

This is a special release of our previously donors-only 2017 holiday episode. Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah and happy Kwanza from Adam and Ben! When a bumbling inventor gives a live animal to his son as a present, obeying the strict rules for its care


 2019-12-17  1h29m

episode 292: Bar Goals (DS9 S5E18)

When Quark becomes inspired by a Nicolas Cage movie, his career change forces a Face/Off against law enforcement on the station. But when his Lord of War routine makes his friends Gone in 60 Seconds, he finds himself between The Rock and a hard place. Di


 2019-12-16  1h9m

episode 291: He’s The Dick & The Rubber (DS9 S5E17)

When Odo meets a femme who’s visiting the station, he quickly discovers that she’s more fatale than she appears. But when the crew goes into gossip overdrive, it becomes clear that this woman is jacking much more than just into computers. What does it co


 2019-12-09  1h8m

episode 290: Yeomans are for Fucking (DS9 S5E16)

When Dr. Bashir’s parents discovered they had a Ralph on their hands, his paste-eating was cured at the genetic level. But when those same parents accidentally reveal their conspiracy at his workplace, he has a difficult choice to make. What’s the worst


 2019-12-02  1h17m