The Greatest Generation

A Star Trek podcast by two guys who are a bit embarrassed to have a Star Trek podcast. After reviewing all of Star Trek: The Next Generation, we're reviewing Star Trek: Deep Space Nine from beginning to end. Check out The Greatest Discovery, our spinoff about all the new Star Trek series!

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Ep 8: You’re Welcome, Ladies (S1E9)

When Captain Picard abandons a perfectly good ship full of Pelican cases, the Ferengi are nice enough to return it to him. Meanwhile, he's reminded of an old crime (which has nothing to do with Wesley), and gets a massive headache in the process. Finally


 2016-02-22  36m

episode 7: Rockin' Knuck (S1E8)

When the crew takes shore leave on a planet inhabited entirely by late night Cinemax adult movie stars, it appears to be a bouncy, floppy paradise for the away team. Too bad Wesley (the boy?) learns the hard way about how much these people care about landscaping. It's an episode that leaves almost nothing to the imagination!


 2016-02-17  35m

Ep 6: Fish vs. Dog (S1E7)

When Worf gets shocked working on an electrical panel, he learns a hard lesson about what happens when you try to do a union guy's job. Meanwhile, a bunch of Cantina Aliens are exploiting the "no door locks" policy on the Enterprise. Later, Data takes up


 2016-02-15  33m

Ep 5: Generally Human (S1E6)

When the Enterprise crew throws the keys to the ship to The Traveler, he drives it farther out than its ever been before. That is not cool to Captain Picard, who wants to go home immediately. That bit of engineering would be a whole lot easier for The Tr


 2016-02-10  40m

Ep 4: The A-Team of Away Teams (S1E5)

The Ferengi do an e-brake slide into the series (and into our hearts) after the show finally adds to the alien facial putty budget. Meanwhile Riker, having just read The Art of War, will not shut up about it. And when he grabs some alone time on the plan


 2016-02-08  31m

Ep 3: (S1E4)

Tasha Yar inadvertently breaks up a happy marriage, then gets into a UFC-style fight to the death with "the other woman." If that story isn't intriguing enough, it's also terribly racist! Also, why is everyone okay with kidnapping? Where is Worf? Finally


 2016-02-05  44m

Ep 2: Drunk Shimoda (S1E3)

The Enterprise crew gets "space drunk" while young Wesley Crusher's science experiment traps him and Assistant Chief Engineer Shimoda inside Engineering. Will the crew stop boning each other long enough to save the ship? Is the "scarf economy" real? Why


 2016-02-01  40m

Ep 1: I Don’t Feel Comfortable With Children (S1E1&2)

Our premier episode as we set out on our journey to watch every episode of Star Trek The Next Generation.


 2016-01-25  34m