The Happy Melly Podcast

This is the first podcast dedicated to happiness at work. We'll be interviewing authors, entrepreneurs coaches and industry experts and discovering what they're doing to foster happiness in the workplace while living passionate and purposeful lives. Join Happy Melly’s Global Business Network and make job satisfaction the ‘norm’, not the exception.



      Living an active, optimistic and creative life

      "It’s okay to not have a plan and not to know exactly what you want to pursue, as long as you pursue something," says Gavin Strange, senior designer at Aardman Animations. Designer by day, Gavin pursues passion projects by night. His secret to...



      Being Intentional About Culture

      Former Zappos employee and global speaker, Jon Wolske learning from the downs are just as important as gaining from the ups. For more happiness, visit  



      Challenge Month: Shifting Mindsets

      It wasn't until Vibeke Schurch physically collapsed that she realized she needed to make a change. In this month's, 'I need help with', Happy Melly challenge podcast, Vibeke talks about the power of shifting mindsets and overcoming self limiting...



      The Power of Transparency

      Technical Publications Writer for Buffer, a social media company, Hailley Griffis explains how being transparent helps hold the company accountable and gain valuable feedback. She says happiness means starting now. For more happiness, visit...



      Addicted Entrepreneur

      Drew Massie is a serial entrepreneur who can't dream of doing anything else. He's started five companies and is involved in more than twenty. When family is your reason for 'happy', Drew says this makes the most sense. Find out how he balances work...



      Complexity Thinking

      How can understanding complex systems help us be happier and healthier in our personal and professional lives. Angie & Haley from the Human Current explain how systems thinking can help change the world. For more happiness, visit...



      Why Mentor? Happy Melly December Challenge Month

      Tom is back with Happy Melly as we kick off the holiday month of December. This month we're discussing the benefits of mentorship why both parties need to be open to learning from one another and how important it is to feel connected. For more...



      F*ckUp Nights

      Everyone fails, if you're going to do it, fail cheap. CEO of F*ckUp Nights Global, Yannick Kwik, says too many people are afraid to fail. That's why this company has dedicated itself to sharing and embracing the failures of colleagues around the...



      Networking & Timing with Portfolio Careers Happy Melly Challenge Week

      When is the right time to change careers and what does it take to network? In this special podcast episode Manjan and Michael speak to each other about their special portfolio week challenge. For more happiness, visit  



      Managing difficult people

      How can you lead the unleadable? Author and speaker, Alan Willett says, if there's a problem with an employee it's your fault -- even if it's not your fault. Find out what it takes to turn problem personalities into productive team players. For more...