Happiness at Work

This is the first podcast dedicated to happiness at work. We interview authors, entrepreneurs, coaches, and industry experts to discover what they're doing to foster happiness in the workplace while living passionate and purposeful lives. At Management 3.0 we believe that happiness at work should be the 'norm' and not the exception. If you're looking for the modern day toolkit for managers and leaders who care about happiness at work, then visit www.management30.com.


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Incurring Death Threats in Order to Replace a Dysfunctional Culture with a Functional One

Respect should be a core value for every organization, said Steven Blue, author of new book Metamorphosis and CEO of Miller Ingenuity. Find out how Steven, who's been called the CEO with the Midas touch, has tripled the gains of every organization...



Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

What is our relationship with what we do everyday? How do we orient our leadership to self expression and when is the last time we asked ourselves what we're consistently discontent with? In this great conversation, Tevis Trower, founder and CEO of...



Business Agility: Think Big and Start Small

Humans are storytellers, says Dean Latchana, editor of The Agilist and transformation coach. Find out how we can adopt the business agility philosophy by thinking about the organization as a whole. What does it take to change mindsets? For more, visit...



The Power of Podcasts

Exposure brings opportunity, that's why Tom Schwab, founder and CEO of Interview Valet and author of Podcast Guest Profits says it's so important for businesses to have podcasts and for people to be guests on podcasts. Find out why most podcasts die...




Happiness is an Inside Job

It’s not about where you are it’s about how you feel about where you are, says Jamie Lerner. Co-author of the book, The Ever-Loving Essence of You and wellness coach, Jamie explains what it takes to trust that we are our own personal experts and...


 2019-04-19  28m

 2019-04-12  29m

The Importance of Self Love

Keanna Wong found comfort in the loyalty of her dog after being mentally abused at an early. Today the 22-year-old has channeled her experience into helping people overcome eating disorders, tap into their emotions and learn how to love and accept...


 2019-04-05  27m

The Secret to Creating High Performing Teams

Psychological safety and team emotional intelligence are the most important things if you want to have a high performing team, says Richard Kasperowski. Author, speaker, coach and lecturer at Harvard, Richard explains the power of personal alignment,...


 2019-03-29  31m

Management 3.0: Being a Catalyst for Change

Nagesh Sharma is back speaking about understanding belief systems, how to build a rapport with management and what a working agreement looks like so that all sides can set expectations. For more, visit www.management30.com.  


 2019-03-22  18m