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Heal Thrive Dream, LLC is a mother daughter company whose mission is to bring compassion, comfort, and healing to professional mothers recovering from childhood abuse. Abuse affects every aspect of a survivor's life, and it is common to feel "stuck" or empty. We created our podcast to offer education and inspiration to our listeners. To receive our gift "Hope Tool" please visit us at: Thank you for listening!

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episode 54: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Susie Hayes

Susie Hayes is passionate about helping others and it's evident with all the services she offers. She is a Registered Psychotherapist, Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Life Coach and a Certified Business Coach. Susie also holds two certifications in Hypnosis and is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Website: Facebook: LinkedIn:



episode 53: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Bri Tartaglione

Bri Tartaglione is a motivational speaker, certified school counselor, and an emotional wellness coach. When a health condition left her paralyzed, Bri used her own expertise to regain her health and ability to walk. She has since presented keynotes, workshops, trainings, and guided counseling programs all with the same end-goal in mind: "Buy into the possibility of you." It was the mantra she developed for herself when she wasn't sure if she'd ever physically walk again...



episode 52: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Bre Brown

Bre Brown is a mindset coach whose biggest goal is to help women understand their self-worth so they can increase their net worth. By working on your limiting beliefs, core values, and claimed identities, Bre hopes to empower you on your journey to unpack the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you so that you can sit at any damn table you want!



episode 51: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Diana Winkler

Singer, Songwriter, Empowerment Speaker, and Domestic Violence Advocate, Diana Winkler, states that her directive and mission are strong, but simple: Not just to entertain, but to offer a musical safe haven. Her story, behind the lyrics, is one that has led her to embrace individuals who have been trapped in the "behind closed doors" subject of abuse. Website: YouTube: Podcast:



episode 50: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Stacey Webb

Stacey Webb is a trauma release mentor and author of The Intuitive Detective. She uses her fifteen years of experience in the Police Force, along with her certifications in modalities of intuition, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), breathwork, embodiment and somatic work to continue to support people who are embarking or continuing their trauma healing journey, allowing them to feel connected to themselves as they release fear and trauma from their lives. Book:


 2022-08-30  31m

episode 49: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Erin D'Elia

Erin D'Elia is a coach, a speaker and a teacher. She has trained as a Certified Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Professional Public Speaker, Holy Fire Reiki Master III, Private Chef & Licensed Massage Therapist. Erin very strongly believes that releasing the constant effects of trauma will create a healthy and vibrant life. Website: LinkedIn:


 2022-08-23  27m

episode 48: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Ann Hince

Ann Hince is a professional speaker, author & spiritual teacher. Her mission is to show the way from inner turmoil to inner peace. Ann had a childhood with plenty of trauma and dysfunction. She had PTSD into her 30s, the result of two alcoholic parents. She became a software engineer because it was so comforting to know that logic could work in part of her life, even though it never seemed to work in her chaotic life as a child...


 2022-08-16  29m

episode 47: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Andrea Johnson

Andrea Johnson is a women's empowerment coach, leadership expert, speaker and podcaster. Andrea believes that her career path called her out of the corporate world and into the coaching world. In 2003 when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Andrea remembers questioning the world and her own feelings, and then she realized in 2005 that if she didn't want to suffer the adverse effects of poor health, she needed to make some big changes...


 2022-08-09  33m

episode 46: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Dr. Melissa Reilly

Dr. Melissa Reilly is a psychologist and parent coach who shares her story of grief and how she helps parents at any stage of raising their children. Melissa says she was unprepared to be a parent, even at the age of 38 when her son was born and even with her advanced degrees in child development. Her mission is to help other moms step into their role with confidence and support, even if they are separated from their own mother. Facebook:


 2022-08-02  24m

episode 45: Heal Thrive Dream Guest: Janet Navarrette

Janet Navarrette is a fitness expert and entrepreneur. When she saw that the fitness industry was broken, she started her own gym and a fully inclusive health and wellness community that's fun and sustainable. "We help clients to not hate fitness. We help seniors thrive. We help moms care for themselves." Website: IG: LinkedIn:


 2022-07-26  31m