The Heart of a Fighter

Fitness motivation stories about the redemption of people like you and me. Over 17 and a half years, Johann has trained thousands of people. These are their REAL stories of struggle and eventual success. (Rate&Review ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ to EARN an INVITE to the TEAM PAGE) Use these examples and beat your struggles by solving the issues like these folks did. Recover from addition to pills and alcohol, comeback from injury and depression, lose weight by changing your habits and modus operandi, build support and GET AFTER IT! The show covers topics on Fitness and addiction. **RATE and REVIEW us - you'll earn a SHOUT OUT and then an INVITE TO OUR PAGE! ** (especially if it's ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐). OUR PAGE feature free advice, courses and direct contact to help you stay ACTIVE!

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episode 66: Sleep like a Champion, eat like a Challenger

This is #66!    


 2020-12-15  24m

episode 65: Holiday stress and doubling down on Fitness | Holidaze & ? Malaise 2

Welcome to 64! Hit me up: MaQ SteeZ music Spotify:   HIRE Johann Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning on-demand Free "Run the Change" Gro...


 2020-12-09  35m

episode 64: Time to U-Turn

Welcome to 64! Hit me up: HIRE ME GET CERTIFIED AS NUTRITION COACH   "Run the Change" with Coach Johann   Instagram:https://www.instagram...


 2020-11-26  38m

episode 63: Electing to Change for Good 2020 | Gym-ing is gonna need your Support

Welcome to 63!   Election malaise means just better days are ahead. Becuase I've noticed how much this election is draining you guys and damn, we gotta change. Essentially, we have to find the space to do the thing 2020 has thus far been slapping us into...


 2020-11-09  30m

episode 62: Toughness: trimming off excess BS | Learning the Hard Way

Welcome to number 6️⃣2️⃣   Hit me up: HIRE ME GET CERTIFIED AS NUTRITION COACHES   "Run the Change" with Coach Johann   Instagram:https:/...


 2020-10-21  24m

episode 61: Over-LOOKING your Food | Changes you've made in 6 months...

Welcome to number 61 ????????   5:40 Over analyzing food for fighters 8:20 Sophia doesn't eat carbs 10:10 Test your coaches!  12:40 I have my work cut out 14:00 midpoint 14:35 pickup on dieting 15:28 - omnivore's dilemma  18:00 the argument for sugar   Hit me ...


 2020-10-10  27m

 2020-10-03  24m

episode 60: Make a full "blown" Comeback | Reflections of an avid Athlete

Hit me up: HIRE ME GET CERTIFIED AS NUTRITION COACHES   GET help with YOUR FOOD & HABITS "Run the Change" with Coach Johann ht...


 2020-10-02  26m

episode 59: Addicted to Life | Some people just grind to be Happy

We've all met people who are savages inside the gym or outside.   You homegirl that moonlights as a hi level kickboxer is also your bestie and phenomenal mother. Maybe your road dawg is an expert at winning (in general) and stays an expert at delegating ...


 2020-09-16  20m

episode 58: How to make haters Laugh | Sharing space in the Gym | #32

  Thanks for joining in, this show is about making strangers into friends. That was easy when we had the gyms to walk into. Still, since it looks like we are on the opposite side of the pandemic and gyms open literally today, we are steps closer to remem...


 2020-09-09  25m