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The time to unleash your inner hero and make life epic is now. Life is kinda crazy everywhere and people need new leaders to step up. You can be one of those leaders. Check out the show and learn how to bring out the best in yourself. Learn from our host, Jim Simcoe- a father, husband, author, entrepreneur, coach, sexual abuse survivor and devoted Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. This show is for people who want to find purpose in life, be happier and build confidence and self-esteem. People who crave inspiration, hope and want to learn how to navigate the new normal of working form home and living on Zoom calls. We cover topics like: mastering your mindset; love, sex and relationships; emotional intelligence; lifestyle design, etc. Past episodes include: How to Live Fearlessly, How to Empower Yourself, How to Make Your Sex Life Fantastic, How to Create a Heart-Centered Life, How to Write a Book, How to Start a Business You Love, How to Deal With Social Anxiety, etc. For more about Jim check out:

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The Feel Good Story of How F45 San Rafael Launched in the Middle of the Pandemic

Kyle MacBeth and Mike Perry, the married owners of F45 San Rafael join our show today to talk about the launch of their new business. Both Mike and Kyle had successful careers going when they decided in late 2019 to quit their jobs, move to Santa Rosa, CA and open an F45 gym. Their story is a great for anyone considering a major career change as it is both inspiring and hilarious...


 2020-09-09  38m

The Power of Music: Top Ten Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now

In times of uncertainty (global pandemic, anyone?) listening to music can be one of the best things you do for yourself. In this episode we attempt to answer the unanswerable question: "Who are the Top 10 Bands of All Time?". Why? Because we all need music right now more than ever. Joining me for this philosophical debate are my two friends Amil and Jack. Recorded late on a Wednesday night this is an unscripted take on the best bands of all-time...


 2020-04-23  1h28m

Master Your Mindset in Tough Times

With coronavirus rapidly spreading throughout the world it is more important than ever to master your mindset. In this episode we talk about the 7 keys to deal with our current world and get through tough times. You'll hear about why controlling the controllable, being a good human and perspective/sleep and exercise are so crucial right now. We'll also talk about the hidden opportunities in the world right now and how to take advantage of them.


 2020-03-15  18m

How to Make a Big Comeback In Your Life

Everybody loves a big comeback. We all love the underdog story of someone who miraculously makes a huge comeback, right? Well that's what we're talking about today- hoe to make a big comeback in your own life. We're talking about my extended absence from the pod, where I've been, what I've learned and how you can apply four lessons to your own life. If you're ready to make a huge comeback in your life, let's f'ing go...


 2019-11-20  11m

How to be Happy (even when you're stressed out)

Want 11 keys to true happiness? Check out the show today and learn how to be truly happy even when you’re stressed out of your mind. Anyone can be happy when things are going well:) In today’s podcast Blake and I talk about how to be happy when things aren’t necessarily going your way...


 2019-06-07  41m

How to Master Public Speaking

The ability to give a great speech or presentation is the arguably the single-most important skill you can master for your career.  So why do people ‘f’ it up so badly?  Probably because they didn’t listen to this podcast:) Most people are more afraid of public speaking than they are of dying . If you’re one of those people then this show is for you.   Today Blake and I talk about how to master public speaking; everything from preparing correctly to handling anxiety beforehand...


 2019-05-03  42m


On the show today we answer the top 20 health and fitness questions from our listeners (and by ‘we’ I mean largely, Blake:). These range from “whats the most effective diet?” ; “What is your go-to healthy dinner?”; What’s a simple workout I can do anywhere?”, etc. These questions were largely inspired by you, our beloved listeners so thanks for the input! Check it out, we think you’ll be surprised by some of the answers.


 2019-04-24  39m

8 Ways to Create a Positive Self-Image

It is virtually impossible to achieve success & happiness in life without a positive self-image. Today on our show we talk about how to create a positive self image and why it’s so crucial to your happiness. We talk about the common problems people with low self-image have as well as what successful people do to create a positive self-image. We then give you 8 tools for you to use to create a positive self-image...


 2019-04-11  40m

How to Deal with Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is something almost all of us face (even extroverts) on a regular basis. So today we’re talking about how to deal with it and how to handle social situations of any kind. Blake and I will give you some tools to combat social anxiety and make any social situation easier. And for what it’s worth- if you suffer from social anxiety, you’re not alone. We ALL do. Check out the show today and learn how to deal with it.


 2019-03-29  39m

Lessons From the Movie 'Free Solo'

Today Blake and I talk about the lessons we learned from watching the movie Free Solo. Free Solo is about professional rock climber Alex Honnold who climbs El Captain without any safety ropes. It’s an amazing feat where a simple slip or fall could cost Alex his life. We talk about the incredible mental fortitude it takes to climb 3500 feet straight to the sky without ropes. There a lot of lessons for all of us in this story and Blake and I talk about many things we learned from this movie...


 2019-03-29  30m