The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe

The time to unleash your inner hero and make life epic is now. Life is kinda crazy everywhere and people need new leaders to step up. You can be one of those leaders. Check out the show and learn how to bring out the best in yourself. Learn from our host, Jim Simcoe- a father, husband, author, entrepreneur, coach, sexual abuse survivor and devoted Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. This show is for people who want to find purpose in life, be happier and build confidence and self-esteem. People who crave inspiration, hope and want to learn how to navigate the new normal of working form home and living on Zoom calls. We cover topics like: mastering your mindset; love, sex and relationships; emotional intelligence; lifestyle design, etc. Past episodes include: How to Live Fearlessly, How to Empower Yourself, How to Make Your Sex Life Fantastic, How to Create a Heart-Centered Life, How to Write a Book, How to Start a Business You Love, How to Deal With Social Anxiety, etc. For more about Jim check out:

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How to Run a 30-Day Vitality Challenge For Yourself (and why you should)

On today’s podcast Blake and I talk about creating a 30-day vitality challenge for yourself and why you should do it. We feel that doing a 30-day challenge can be hugely beneficial in numerous ways and we lay out a simple strategy to get it done. This idea was largely based (ahem, completely stolen) from the recent Vitality Challenge that Blake (and his partner Eric D.) created and ran at their gym Stratum Fitness...


 2019-02-20  40m

The Hero Up Guide to Happiness

Tackling a huge topic today: The pursuit happiness. Blake and I discuss the 18 keys to living a happier life. These are simple, straightforward tactics you can use right away to make your life happier. We talk about: What makes happy people happy? What can you do right now to be happier? Check out the show and let us know what you think...


 2019-02-12  1h6m

Life Lessons From 2018- What You Can Learn To Make 2019 Fantastic

Today Blake and I recap the lessons we learned in 2018 covering all the good, the bad, the ugly and the truly amazing over the past 12 months. We talk about our personal highlights, our biggest challenges & struggles and what we learned this year. Some of what we cover: the significance of health; how to deal better with fear, frustration & anger; what we each appreciated about the year; what we learned, etc...


 2018-12-18  34m

Life Lessons From Movies

This episode is a pretty hilarious take on movies and the life lessons we can all learn from them. Blake and I chat about lessons from movies like Good Will Hunting, Creed/Rocky, Avatar, Gran Tourino, Forrest Gump, Remember The Titans and SuperBad. You’ll learn some unexpected lessons like: Being blissfully unaware of your God-given faults; the ‘Train for Greatness’ concept; Doing the Right Thing No matter What and why being the underdog is so f’ing cool...


 2018-12-14  38m

Life Lessons from TV Shows

Life lessons are everywhere, sometimes you just need to know where to look. Today Blake and I talk about TV shows (yes TV!) that are jam packed with life lessons. We both love Friday Night Lights & the Office so we pick out some great examples and talk about what they each taught us. I think you’ll get a kick out of the pod today, check it out and let us know what you think.


 2018-12-08  39m

How to Harness your Inner Power

On the pod today our illustrious friend Blake talks about how to harness your inner power. This is a big topic and one I’m glad we’re finally discussing. The ability to tap into your own power is quite..(wait for it).. powerful. In all seriousness we both realized that we’re all way more powerful than we think and most of our blocks are self-imposed. By changing our ideals and views of ourselves we can break through those barriers. Anyway, check out the pod and let us know what you think.


 2018-12-08  49m

Finish 2018 Strong and Survive the Holidays

Today Blake and I talk about how to finish 2018 strong. We talk about how to deal with typical holiday stressors and how to enjoy this time period without going totally insane:) Check out our pre-show notes below and let us know what you think of the show by leaving a review in iTunes. Thanks!


 2018-12-08  43m

Keys to Personal Leadership (Part II)

Today Blake and I continue the personal leadership topic we started last week. We dive into creating a personal leadership plan, a personal mission statement & setting goals. By the the end of this you should be able to create a personal mission statement, set clear life goals and create an action plan.


 2018-12-08  39m

Keys to Personal Leadership (Part I)

Working on your personal leadership skills is one of the best things you can do in life. Today Blake and I talk about developing your personal leadership skills in a simple yet effective way. This is a pretty big topic so it’ll be broken into 2 different podcasts. Check it out.


 2018-12-08  53m

How to Maximize Your Health and Fitness

Today our co-host Blake answers rapid fire questions around all aspects of heath & diet including: What do you believe to be true about fitness that most people don’t? Is there a right way to lose fat/weight? What’s the best diet to follow? (trick question) Are cheat days ok? What is the cost/benefit analysis of cheat days? How to master the ‘pain cave’ of training? How do you consistently push yourself further than most? What are the most common mistakes you see from your gym clients? ...


 2018-12-07  58m