The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe

The time to unleash your inner hero and make life epic is now. Life is kinda crazy everywhere and people need new leaders to step up. You can be one of those leaders. Check out the show and learn how to bring out the best in yourself. Learn from our host, Jim Simcoe- a father, husband, author, entrepreneur, coach, sexual abuse survivor and devoted Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. This show is for people who want to find purpose in life, be happier and build confidence and self-esteem. People who crave inspiration, hope and want to learn how to navigate the new normal of working form home and living on Zoom calls. We cover topics like: mastering your mindset; love, sex and relationships; emotional intelligence; lifestyle design, etc. Past episodes include: How to Live Fearlessly, How to Empower Yourself, How to Make Your Sex Life Fantastic, How to Create a Heart-Centered Life, How to Write a Book, How to Start a Business You Love, How to Deal With Social Anxiety, etc. For more about Jim check out:

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Tools for Epic Leadership

Do you want to master the art of personal leadership without all the typical self-help "rah-rah". If so, check out this podcast on personal leadership. You'll see how being your own "guru" and mastering the #1 key to personla leadership will make you happier, more successful and improve your entire life. You'll learn about the Four Agreeements and see how it can change your life through it's simple message. Check out this episode and learn more about how to be an epic leader.  


 2015-05-01  26m

Ultimate Guide to Epic Fitness

  Do you hate going to the gym?  Are you too busy or too tired to exercise daily?  If so, then this podcast is for you.  See how to make working out fun again and learn how to fit it into any schedule. You'll see how a married guy with two kids and a full time career still manages to workout 5-6 times per week. You'll see the tips about how to schedule your workouts, what to do, and how to seamlessly incorporate exercise into your daily routine.


 2015-04-29  39m

Relationship advice for woman (from a man)

  Women, this is your chance to get inside guys heads and see what's going on.  Here are 15 things we want you to know  but don't necessarily want to tell you. Everything from why confidence is sexy, communication is like furniture instructions and what we love about you most. You'll see what we think about committment and how to tell if a guy is really into you. Check it out and unlock the mysteries of the often misunderstood "man brain".


 2015-04-24  34m

Get on the path to an Epic Life

There are 10 main parts to an epic life, check out this podcast to learn about them and see how you're doing in each area.  From health, career, money, values, sex life, love and friendships, tune in and see how your life stacks up right now and what to do about it.  


 2015-04-24  15m

How to give an Epic Speech

Successful public speaking comes down to preparation, confidence, relaxation and telling stories.  Check out this podcast to learn how to give a fantastic speech that will blow your audience away even if you hate public speaking.  Learn from Jim Simcoe, a nationally recognized speaker and author, about all of the inside tips and tools to be a great speaker. You'll learn how to prep a speech, how to instantly relax and how to connect with your audience immediately.  


 2015-04-23  25m

3 life lessons from the Red Hot Chili Peppers

What does a 45 year old joe everyman have in common with millionaire rockstars covered in tattoos?  Hear from a devoted fan (me) and find out. You'll hear about the three life lessons the Red Hot Chili Peppers taught me and how you can apply these to your life.  You'll also hear why staying true to three values can lead anyone to a happier, more successful life.  


 2015-04-22  19m

How to be an awesome parent

Our special guest for this podcast is my oldest daughter, Kaya.  She's nine years old and she gives us the straight dope on parental advice, being a kid today and what kids needs from their parents.  Pretty fun podcast, very stoked to have her as my first guest on the show!  


 2015-04-15  25m

How to launch an Epic startup in 30 days

  Build a mission-driven business that gives you freedom, wealth and happiness.  No experience necessary, just follow the steps outlined in this podcast. This hour long podcast is a summary of the Epic Business Builder Program I created for new entrepreneurs.  You'll learn how to develop the right vision, easily write an effective business plan, raise money from investors and identify your best customers...


 2015-04-14  50m

How to master love, sex and relationships

  Life is so much easier and enjoyable when you have a great relationship and you're having fantastic sex on a regular basis.  (I'm pretty sure Socrates or Plato said that). This podcast is all about giving you ideas and tools to help you in your relationship and your sex life. You'd be amazed at how a few simple tweaks can change everything.  I know it did for me in my relationship...


 2015-04-11  37m

5 Steps to Inner Peace

Unless you're Superman or Wonder Woman, you've probably faced trauma in your life.  It can be one of the major things holding you back from having a truly epic life. In this podcast I give you 5 effective tools to deal with past trauma based on my personal experience. The time to put the trauma behind you is now so check out these 5 tools to do it.  


 2015-04-04  28m