The Hero Up Podcast with Jim Simcoe

The time to unleash your inner hero and make life epic is now. Life is kinda crazy everywhere and people need new leaders to step up. You can be one of those leaders. Check out the show and learn how to bring out the best in yourself. Learn from our host, Jim Simcoe- a father, husband, author, entrepreneur, coach, sexual abuse survivor and devoted Red Hot Chili Peppers fan. This show is for people who want to find purpose in life, be happier and build confidence and self-esteem. People who crave inspiration, hope and want to learn how to navigate the new normal of working form home and living on Zoom calls. We cover topics like: mastering your mindset; love, sex and relationships; emotional intelligence; lifestyle design, etc. Past episodes include: How to Live Fearlessly, How to Empower Yourself, How to Make Your Sex Life Fantastic, How to Create a Heart-Centered Life, How to Write a Book, How to Start a Business You Love, How to Deal With Social Anxiety, etc. For more about Jim check out:


Tools, tips and tricks for daily awesomeness

Hack your day with these 57 tips, tricks, products and services.  See how I use them to gain more free time, have less aggravation and be prepared for just about anything that comes up. You'll learn why I never shop for razors, why myPrius trunk is my best friend and how the President Obama method of fashion will change your life.  


 2015-04-04  31m

The Art of Confidence

  Gaining confidence is in many ways the key to an epic life.  Listen and learn how a high school speech changed everything.  You'll see how confidence begets confidence and how to rally around yourself to make it all happen.    


 2015-04-04  11m

Make life epic

In this episode we talk baout how to create an epic life no matter where you are rigth now.  Jim Simcoe sets the stage by defining an epic life and giving some background into what makes life epic for all of us. About your host: Jim Simcoe is a 45 year old married guy living in San Diego who loves fish tacos, listens unashamedly to 80s music, surfs and plays hoop regularly and is committed to creating an epic life...


 2015-04-04  21m