The historical crimes and criminals podcast

a podcast looking back at historical crimes, criminals and social stories that created the world we now live!

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episode 10: Deacon Brodie; The Real Life Jekyll and Hyde

Deacon Brodie was an 18th Century Scottish Criminal and the real life inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson's Novella Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde(1886).

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 2020-09-08  18m

episode 9: The theft of the Mona Lisa

In 1911 the Mona Lisa was stolen. the subsequent 2 year search would make it the most famous painting in the world.

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The mysterious theft of the Mona Lisa, Scotti R.A, vintage 2010



 2020-09-01  14m

episode 8: The Berners street hoax

In 1809 the most audacious hoax ever happened in London. 

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 2020-08-25  13m

episode 7: The murder of Stan the Spiv

A look at 1940's London and the murder of a Black marketeer....

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 2020-08-18  20m

episode 6: Statues of London

London is a City of many statues. Many have interesting stories. In this episode we look at 4 of these statues.



 2020-08-11  11m

episode 5: Alexander Pearce and tales of Cannibalism

a Gristly tale of Cannibalism in 19th Century Australia....

Collins, Paul Hells gates:the terrible journey of Alexander Pearce, Van Diemans land cannibal...


 2020-08-04  20m

episode 4: the Winchester Geese

The story of the Winchester Geese: prostitutes in medieval Londons south bank


 2020-07-22  7m

episode 3: Coffee and the south seas bubble

The story of coffee, coffee shops and the south seas bubble

Henri Misson, M...


 2020-07-22  21m

episode 2: Dentistry and the battle of Waterloo

The dentists plundered the battlefields of Europe looking for the teeth of the dead...all to make false teeth!


 2020-07-22  11m

episode 1: Dick Turpin

Dick Turpin is Englands most famous highwayman, yet most of what we know about him is based on legend. this is the true story of Dick Turpin


 2020-07-22  22m