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A fortnightly military history podcast looking at all aspect of war throughout the ages.


Victory and Defeat

Jasper is joined by Murray Dahm, Joe Pietrykowski and Paul McDonnell-Staff to dicuss victory and defeat in the ancient world. For more information on the magazine go to and comments, questions or suggestions email them to...


 2008-04-19  35m

Pilot - Light Infantry and Auxiliaries

Jasper Oorthuys and the contributers of this issue of Ancient Warfare Magazine discuss the theme of this issue of the Magazine, light infantry and auxiliaries. For more information on the magazine go to Dur: 19min File: .mp3


 2008-02-19  19m

Podtrail 01 - Soho, London

Welcome to the Soho Podtrail, brought to you by This is a guided tour of London’s Soho area, it is by no means all there is to see so if you feel the urge to take a diversion just pause your mp3 player and do so. You may also...


 2007-12-27  28m