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episode 1: The Abwehr: German Military Intelligence

The Versailles treaty, imposed after the First World War denied Germany a Military Intelligence gathering organisation. But in 1921 the German Government reactivated the intelligence service. As a sop to Versailles the new counter intelligence service...


 2014-07-06  18m

episode 2: The Battles of Saratoga

On October 17, 1777, British General John Burgoyne surrendered his army to American forces under the command of General Horatio Gates, marking the end of an ambitious campaign to isolate the rebellious New England colonies from the rest with a three...


 2014-07-20  42m

episode 3: The Origins of the First World War

There is no single factor to blame for the outbreak of the First World War. At best we can say that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo, was the catalyst setting in motion a string of events that resulted in war. For decades...


 2014-08-01  17m

episode 4: The Battle of Blenheim

It had been largely accepted that "Charles the Sufferer", the feeble and sickly King of Spain, would die without an heir. The nearest claimants to the Spanish Crown were the king's cousins; the Bourbon King of France, Louis XIV, and the Austrian...


 2014-08-17  22m

episode 5: Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban

In looking back through history, it is kings, queens, politicians and generals who steal the limelight. Those people who actually "do" the bidding are often much less well known. How many people are familiar with Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban,...


 2014-08-31  14m

episode 6: The Taiping Rebellion

The clang of gongs hung in the heavy air of an August day, 1860. Waving their yellow flags, the rebels in their red turbans and colourful garb marched closer and closer to Shanghai – until artillery erupted from the city walls and sent them...


 2014-09-12  32m

episode 7: The Battle of Arras, 1917

The Battle of Arras was in fact a series of Battles in April/May 1917, including Vimy Ridge, which has gone down in history as being an allied victory, but which in reality saw little gain in terms of allied advance and huge casualty figures on both...


 2014-09-27  20m

episode 8: Napoleonic Infantry Tactics

Column, Line or Square is a very simplistic way to view Napoleonic era tactics. Troops were either deployed in Column to march, Line to fight or in the case of the infantry Square to defend against Cavalry. Sounds simple. But these were tactics drawn...


 2014-10-11  19m

episode 9: Hobart's Funnies - Hobart

D-Day the invasion of Europe was to take place at low tide, this minimised the risk of landing craft hitting mines and other submerged obstacles. But this created problems for the troops being landed. It was going to be a long dash over a sandy beach...


 2014-10-24  22m

episode 10: Hobart's Funnies - Funnies

In March of 1943 the 79th Armoured Division was due to be disbanded. A manpower shortage called for the bulk of the force to be redeployed, to make up shortfalls in other units. But the disastrous raid on Dieppe the previous year had proved that any...


 2014-11-07  18m
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