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episode 1: Quintus Sertorius - Reluctant renegade - Part 1

Quintus Sertorius could lay claim to a position among the greatest generals of ancient times. A loyal Roman, who lost an eye defending the Roman frontier, fortune then pitted him against the Roman military machine and some of its premier commanders,...


 2019-09-08  21m

episode 2: Quintus Sertorius - Reluctant renegade - Part 2

Sertorius spent the winter training his Iberian troops and accustoming himself to their nature and tactics. He had a core of veteran Roman legionaries who followed him through many battles. A small number of Iberians were heavy infantry armed in the...


 2019-09-22  34m

episode 3: Pontiac's Wars

The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1763 ending the Seven Years War. The victorious British moved west into the Ohio Valley of North America and occupied the forts and outposts of the defeated French. New and drastic policies were instituted on the...


 2019-10-06  16m

episode 4: The British campaign in Egypt 1801 - part 1

If one was to ask about the contribution of the British army during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, some of the immediate responses would concern the Duke of Wellington, the Peninsular War and the Battle of Waterloo. These subjects have...


 2019-11-01  27m

episode 5: The British Campaign In Egypt 1801 - part 2

The British now occupied the tip of the Aboukir peninsula directly opposite the French forces. The flanks of both armies were secured by the Mediterranean Sea on the one side, and the marshy ground of the dried up Lake Mareotis on the other. Following...


 2019-11-03  27m

episode 6: Franco-German Rivalry

In the First World War, one of the main aims of the French was to retake the "lost provinces" of Alsace and Lorraine, which had been occupied by the Germans since the Franco-Prussian war of 1871. But this was only one phase of a long cycle of power...


 2019-11-24  23m

episode 7: Surviving a Siege

The treatise How to Survive Under Siege by Aineias Tacticus, is among the earliest treatises to survive from the genre of didactic military literature. Its author was regarded as the pre-eminent authority on military science in subsequent centuries...


 2019-12-08  23m

episode 8: The Macedonian Phalangite vs Persian Warrior

Alexander confronts the Achaemenids, 334–331 BC


 2019-12-22  25m

episode 9: The Battle of The Standard Part 1

King David I of Scotland invaded England in the summer of 1138 in support of his niece, the Empress Matilda, who was embroiled in a fight against her cousin, King Stephen (of Blois) for control of the English throne. This period of civil war, known as...


 2020-01-05  20m

episode 10: The Battle of The Standard - Part 2

At the moment when the Galwegians were at their most hard pressed, it seems as if Prince Henry led his Battle in a charge (the detail is not in Richard of Hexham). Henry 'hurled himself, fierce as a lion, upon the opposing wing.' He put the English to...


 2020-01-19  18m
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