The History of Byzantium

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453

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Episode 201 - A Narrow Escape

Alexios marches back out to fight the Normans only to be beaten again and again. Finally he comes up with a strategy to throw them out of the Balkans but must embrace the Venetians ever closer as a result.



Episode 200 - A Tribute to Professor Mark Whittow

For our 200th show I pay tribute to the scholar who has had the most influence on this podcast - Professor Mark Whittow. Sadly Professor Whittow died in 2017 and he is a huge loss to academia and Byzantine Studies in particular. I take you through thre...



Episode 199 - The Battle of Dyrrachium

Robert Guiscard, the Norman leader in Southern Italy, invades the Empire. He surrounds the key port city of Dyrrachium and Alexios gathers an army to stop him.



Episode 198 - Heavy Lifting

Alexios Komnenos leads a revolt and quickly captures the throne from Nicephorus Botaneiates. But to truly understand this coup we need to explore the dynastic dual of Doukas and Komnenos.



Episode 197 - Anna Komnene with Leonora Neville

Our best primary source for Alexios Komnenos reign is The Alexiad written by his daughter Anna Komnene. I talk to Professor Leonora Neville about Anna's life and writing and how she overcame the obstacles facing a woman trying to...


 2020-01-24  49m

The House of War is live

4 new episodes based on the original House of War episode are now available for purchase. Listen to this update for more information.


 2020-01-23  3m

Episode 196 - Cultural Revival

We explore the revival of intellectual and literary culture over the past century. We focus particularly on the work of Michael Psellos and Symeon the New Theologian.


 2020-01-17  29m

January 2020 Update

An update on the podcast, the Kickstarter projects and a couple of recommendations.


 2020-01-14  7m

Introducing MYTHOLOGY

Myths endure for a reason. This episodic audio drama brings ancient myths to life for the modern audience. Each episode presents exciting stories and analysis of each myth's history and origins, giving insight into how our ancestors saw the univer...


 2019-11-13  8m

Backer Rewards Episode 15 - The Hagia Sophia and Imperial Coronations

Our fifteenth Kickstarter backers reward episode looks at some aspects of the Hagia Sophia and the coronation ceremony of Emperors.


 2019-10-21  21m