The History of Byzantium

A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453

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Episode 212 - Who went on Crusade and why?

How many people went on Crusade? Who were they and who was in charge of them? Why did they go? What does all this mean for Byzantium?



Episode 211 - Why people went on Crusade with Sharyn Eastaugh

Sharyn Eastaugh from the History of the Crusades podcast explores why people responded to Urban's call.



Episode 210 - What did Urban say?

We follow Urban as he crosses into France and spends over a year on tour. We talk about the steps he took to prepare for the announcement of the Crusades. Then we break down what we believe he said and why he said it.



Episode 209 - What about Jerusalem?

We briefly talk about events in Jerusalem and the wider Levant on the eve of the First Crusade. Had anything happened there that could have sparked the Crusades?



Episode 208 - The Call from the East with Peter Frankopan

An interview with Professor Peter Frankopan about his book 'The First Crusade: The Call from the East.'



Episode 207 - What did Urban want?

We talk about Pope Urban's shaky political position on the eve of the Crusade. As well as discussing the wider Papal reform movement and how military violence came to be a part of their plans.


 2020-04-24  29m

Episode 206 - What did Alexios want?

We discuss what Alexios really wanted from the West. Was he surprised by the Crusading army that formed or had he been lobbying for something similar?


 2020-04-22  18m

Episode 205 - Introducing the Crusades

A quick introduction to the Crusading topic and a discussion of how religious interpretations of historical events can be particularly distorting.


 2020-04-20  17m

Episode 204 - Komnenian Reforms

We look at events in Constantinople during Alexios' first fifteen years in power. Including reforms to the court, the coinage and social care. We conclude by talking about Alexios' personality.


 2020-03-26  33m

Episode 203 - The Pecheneg Wars, again

Alexios campaigns in Europe for a decade dealing with Pechenegs, Cumans and Serbs. But his supporters begin to question his priorities as Anatolia sinks into the mire.


 2020-03-14  32m