The History of Sex

We explode gender norms by exploring their incredible variety across time.

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episode 53: Shieldmaidens - Viking Gender Benders

Viking warrior women were not common, but they did probably exist. And they went against the gender norms of their day. Such brave swordswomen were, in fact, gender benders. And perhaps some of them may even have been what we would today call transgender...



episode 52: The History of Bras, Feat. The Exploress - Showcase, Women's History

From the practical sports bra to Victoria’s secret to Lady Gaga’s fire-spitting pyro bra, the brassiere has become a cornerstone of modern women’s wear. But where did these little lovelies come from? Here to tell you the story is Kate of The Exploress. D...


 2021-03-01  32m

episode 51: How to Be a Black Man in the Civil War Union Army: An Interview with Verb Washington

What was it like for Black men who fought in the American Civil War? Why did they fight for a racist country, and what did this act mean for their sense of manhood? Here today to help us understand the perspective of these Black soldiers is military scho...


 2021-02-01  48m

episode 50: Our Gender Future: How Will Gender Change in the 2020s?

How will gender norms change in the 2020s? That is the question I posed to you, dear listener, yesterday. You can chime in on Facebook where we are @historyofsexpod. Meanwhile, here are my Top 5 predictions for changes by the end of this decade.Special ...


 2021-01-01  22m

episode 49: Funny Skits Compilation 2020 (New Years Special)

2020 is almost over. We’re counting down the final hours. And here to help you do it are all the funny skits of our show from 2020. Happy New Year, everybody! Plus, updates on the show, and a question for you to answer!Don't forget to subscribe, rate, a...


 2020-12-31  22m

episode 48: Evolved to Go Down? The History of Oral Sex

Why do we go down on each other? Are we evolved for oral sex? Find out in today's stimulating episode.Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review. Support the show on Patreon at Research, writing, editing, and production by B....


 2020-12-21  22m

episode 47: Women of the Maori, Feat. History of Aotearoa New Zealand - Showcase

What was life like for women in New Zealand before the arrival of Europeans? The Maori are the main indigenous people of Aotearoa, or what we now call New Zealand, and the experience of Maori women was in many ways strikingly different. Here to tell us a...


 2020-12-07  25m

episode 46: The Etymology of Sex, Feat. The Endless Knot - Showcase

Do you spend a lot of time thinking about sex? (the word, that is!) How did we get our English word “sex”? Aven and Mark of the podcast The Endless Knot are here to help us find out. Today, we unearth the etymology of sex.This episode has been sponsored...


 2020-11-02  1h30m

episode 45: The History of Tomboys, Feat. Lisa Selin Davis - Interview, Western History

When her six-year-old daughter first called herself a “tomboy”, Lisa Selin Davis had to ask herself what that word meant. Davis launched a deep exploration of gender and gender nonconformity, and discovered the tomboy label is both empowering for some an...


 2020-10-05  47m

episode 44: Toxic Masculinity and Masks in the Age of COVID-19

If you were in doubt about whether masculinity can be toxic, well, it’s plenty clear now. Numerous studies have shown that men are far less likely to wear masks than women. This masculine behavior is literally toxic. Or... biohazardous? Anyway...Why are...


 2020-08-31  26m