The History of Sex

We explode gender norms by exploring their incredible variety across time.

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episode 32: Covid Cabana: Top 5 Ways to Have Fun Despite the Coronavirus

This episode goes out to all of you at home out there during this pandemic, but we want to dedicate it especially to listener Owyn in Toronto, Canada. He’s faced a string of tough challenges recently, and now there’s the covid challenge on top of it all,...



episode 31: Promise Me You Will Stay Alive: Jewish Manhood During the Holocaust: Sex in the Third Reich - Short Shorts, German History

How did Jewish men resist the Nazis? How did they bear up when the regime came for them and their families? How did they maintain their manhood as they were reduced to animals in the eyes of their oppressors?Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review. ...



episode 30: A Few Good Mensches: How Jewish Men Fought for Freedom: Sex in the Third Reich - Short Shorts, German History

Jewish masculinity changed dramatically in the modern era, going from intellectual to soldier. What was it like for them before and during the Nazi regime? And how did they fight back as the hate machine bore down on them and their families?Don't forget...



episode 29: The Soldier-Father Contradiction: Sex in the Third Reich - Short Shorts, German History

Can you be both a soldier and a father at the same time? How do you go to the front knowing you might never see your children again? Males in Nazi Germany were expected to do exactly that, so what was that like?Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and revie...



episode 28: Toxic Masculinity in Nazi Germany: Sex in the Third Reich - Deep Dive, German History

How do you make a Nazi cry? It sounds like the setup to a joke, but it's no joke. Today, we explore the Nazi male, whose toxic masculinity was hard as Krupp steel. Yet even for these tough as nails men, there were times when it was okay to cry. What was ...



episode 27: Sappho and Same-sex Love in Ancient Greece, Feat. The Exploress - Showcase, Greek History

Our theme this month has been the female body, so today we’re bringing you that lover of women’s bodies, Sappho. From the isle of Lesbos, from which we get our word lesbian, she has been renowned throughout history as a master of literature and a lover o...


 2020-02-24  40m

episode 26: Vagina Dentata: Reclaiming a Symbol of Power - Short Shorts, Women's History

How do you reclaim a symbol of patriarchal oppression for women's empowerment? The 2007 movie Teeth attempts to do just this with the folklore motif of the vagina dentata, or toothed vulva. Today, we explore the folktales behind this myth and how this mo...


 2020-02-14  18m

episode 25: Have Womb, Will Travel: Hysteria and the Wandering Womb - Short Shorts, Women's History

What is the oldest medical diagnosis in history? It's hysteria, the condition attributed to women's wombs wandering around their bodies causing trouble. Come explore the 4000-year history of this bizarre medical tradition.Don't forget to subscribe, rate...


 2020-02-10  33m

episode 24: Did Da Vinci Omit the Clit? A History of the Clitoris - Deep Dive, Renaissance History

It's a mystery: in Leonardo Da Vinci anatomical study of the female sexual organs, there is no hint whatsoever of the clitoris. Did Da Vinci really not know about the clit? Or did nobody in Renaissance Italy know about it? How could a culture forget such...


 2020-02-03  48m

episode 23: Jazz Bond: Josephine Baker, Spy - Showcase, Feat. Spy Stories

She was a jazz dancer, but also a spy? That's right. During WWII, Josephine Baker joined the French Resistance. Find out all about it in this episode from the podcast Spy Stories.Don't forget to subscribe, rate, and review. Support the show on Patreon a...


 2020-01-27  44m