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Interviews with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. We sit down with entrepreneurs and those responsible for scaling businesses behind the scenes. Those who have paved their own paths in life, and have built a business they are proud of. We do not exclusively interview millionaires - this is not what entrepreneurship is about. Entrepreneurship is about building something for yourself and creating a community around it. The guests we bring on come from all walks of life and all have distinct entrepreneurial journeys. Our podcast is a platform for listeners to hear real stories, real experiences, and real advice. This is T.H.E. Podcast.

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 2020-04-03  29m

episode 12: Health and Fitness Influencer Desiree Pfeifer Founder and CEO of DBFT shares how she built her BRAND and Business!

Your Booty, Business, and Brains... It's all about the GAINS! Desiree Pfeifer shares how she's built her business DBFT around teaching others how to do all the above and some, while growing a (flex emoji) tribe as a relatable down-to-Earth badass...


 2020-04-01  39m

episode 11: Sweetwater Sound Founder Chuck Surack is Overly Familiar With the Sound of Success

Ever thought about opening 20 companies? NEITHER HAVE WE but Chuck sure has! He has 15 or so right now that are actively running and efficiently we might add! Sure trailblazers for the likes of all serial entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk and Richard...


 2020-03-30  32m

episode 10: ASMR Youtuber Massimo Tarantelli the ASMR Barber Put us up on Game as to How His Channel Made the Play Button Cut

Italian born podcast foreign, this Friday we share some unspoken truths as to how Youtubers are able to beat the algorithm and monetize enough income to feed a family. Mossimo goes in depth as to how he climbed his 1-5k/mo view count to the MILLIONS...


 2020-03-27  34m

episode 9: Krista Garrett CEO of Garrett Music Academy Shares Key-Notes on How to Make Music YOUR Business

Making a living off doing something you actually like and are good at ever come to mind? YEA, us too! Krista Garrett is a living, breathing, doer-ing example of that. She alongside her husband have owned and operated Garrett Music Academy for the...


 2020-03-25  29m

episode 8: The Super Bowl or Your Bucket List, Put a Check in The Box… Robert Tuchman Found Out Early That Once in a Lifetime Experience's are Built on High Quality Hospitality

Everyone knows a group of guys or gals that get together at B-dubs  or one huddle into a living room to watch the game. What you may not have known is that there is actually a market for these people!  Robert Tuchman knew this over 20 years...


 2020-03-23  30m

episode 7: Inbox Done CEO & Founder Claire Giovino went from 0 to 6 Figures going through YOUR emails!

Is there something you’re currently getting paid to do because someone else just doesn’t have the time to do it? Thats exactly what Claire Giovino was doing for her boss! She was managing his mailbox as if it was hers. She was building...


 2020-03-16  45m

episode 6: Instagram Influence Turned Entrepreneur @nica.lina Shares How She Built Her Business and 6 Figure Following on Ig

Like4Like, Active Engagement, Follow-UnFollow… Theres a couple different ways to build your Ig without buying fake followers, being famous, or spending endless amounts of money on ad campaigns.. Our friend Danica Janae @nika.lina knows first hand!...


 2020-03-14  22m

episode 5: Crypto Currency BOSS Ian Balina made 5 million trading Bitcoin in less than 3 years! Now he owns his own company!!

Ian Balina was already well off, 6 Figure Job with the car and the house to match! He was a 9-5 analytics guy for IBM before he realized how his skillset could be applied to the Crypto Currency Market! It wasn’t long before he sold his worldly...


 2020-03-11  25m

episode 4: Commercial Model Michael Scanlon Shares Diet, Workout, Getting Established, and Building his Career in the Modeling World

Im sure everyone has seen the movie Zoolander and knows just how important Blue Steel is to a credible portfolio… What you probably don’t know is how to break into modeling, exercise and diet, or that you can work for 13 different agencies!...


 2020-03-09  43m