The How-To Heretic

Your user's guide to life on the outside. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger, better world. But it can also be a scary world. Things work differently now. Never fear: that's why we’re here! We're your audio uncles, and with help from good friends and experts in all sorts of fields, we're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge we all need for building a great life! After all, you only get one (that we know of), so you'd better make the most of it!

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White Makes Right - 122

This week! Uncle Mark honors his culture and heritage with the Creativity Movement, Uncle Dan gets tangled in snakes with the Caduceus and Uncle Doug brings up to date with the latest religious derp!



The End of the Beginning - 121

This week! Uncle Mark shows us the 'colored' entrance to Mormon heaven with Jane Manning James, Uncle Doug ends the beginning with Genesis part II, and Uncle Dan gives us a treatise on religious art!



Who’s the Good Guy? - 120

This week! Uncle Dan talks about a real nice girl he met in Spain, uncle Doug weeps his way through a bunch of begats in Genesis, and uncle Mark goes viral (no, literally… like he caught a virus and couldn’t do the show).



Mummies & Monies - 119

This week! Uncle Mark tells a tale of sex and pyramids and winemaking with Summum and Uncle Doug wonders if doing something good with 100 billion dollars might be better than doing nothing good with it.



War is Hell - 118

This week! Uncle Doug mourns all we've lost with the War on Christmas, Uncle Dan rings his weird bell one last time with Sokushinbutsu, and Paige returns once more for a follow-up on the virtues of lying to children!


 2019-12-25  59m

The Littlest Limbo - 117

This Week! Uncle Mark ruins your baby shower with the Limbo of the Infants, Uncle Doug ruins your day with the Oppression of the Uyghurs, and our friend Paige returns to join us in some caroling! 


 2019-12-18  1h1m

Lying to Children - 116

This week! Uncle Mark reads the paper live and we all have aneurysms, Uncle Doug gives a tiny hope for equality with the ERA, and Uncle Dan manifests a secret just in time for Christmas!


 2019-12-11  1h0m

Stepping In - 115

This week! Uncle Mark warns that your orange juice may hate you with Anita Bryant, Uncle Dan gives us the Terrible Parable quiz and Uncle Doug muses over when and How-To intervene.


 2019-12-04  1h16m

2012-ish - 114

This week! Uncle Mark has questions for the candidate, Uncle Doug helps us sleep with the Mayan calendar and Uncle Dan finds purity culture ain't so pure!


 2019-11-27  1h20m

Mormon Murders - 113

This week! Uncle Mark thinks maybe Mohammed didn't split the moon, after all, Unce Dan frustrates us yet again with Charlie Brown's patron saint, and Uncle Doug recaps a bloody few weeks in Mormon country.


 2019-11-20  1h2m