The How-To Heretic

Your user's guide to life on the outside. Leaving religion is the first step into a larger, better world. But it can also be a scary world. Things work differently now. Never fear: that's why we’re here! We're your audio uncles, and with help from good friends and experts in all sorts of fields, we're going to share the stories and seek the knowledge we all need for building a great life! After all, you only get one (that we know of), so you'd better make the most of it!

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Bull Burning - 130

This week! Uncle Doug and Meghan help you refocus your bookshelves with Feng Shui, Uncle Dan has bizarre bull-burning bullshit and bread rationing with Elijah, and Uncle Mark wants you to please see the meaninglessness of everything!


 2020-03-18  1h9m

Dishonor Code - 129

This week! Uncle Dan wonders if religion will ever get something right, Uncle Doug proves it will not with Heretics in the News and Uncle Mark takes one giant leap into derp with The Chariots of the Gods?


 2020-03-11  1h19m

The Devil went down to Orem - 128

This week! Uncle Doug welcomes student activist Virne to discuss bringing the Satanic Temple's Lucien Greaves to Mormon country, Uncle Dan talks about his basket fetish with Wicca, and Uncle Mark ruins everything with the Ant Hill Kids (extremely...


 2020-03-04  1h25m

Pyramid Scheme - 127

This week! Uncle Mark introduces us to Pharaoh's Razor with Pyramid Power, Uncle Dan takes us hunting with Saint Hubert and Uncle Doug shows all the unchanged changes with BYU's odious and hateful Honor Code.


 2020-02-26  1h19m

Infamous and to be Avoided - 126

This week! Uncle Mark takes us on the journey of a very weird foreskin with the Holy Prepuce, Uncle Dan encourages us to join internet cults and Uncle Doug discusses how-to reclaim one's identity post religion!


 2020-02-19  1h14m

Do Stop Believing - 125

This week! Uncle Doug tells us who god hates with the Westboro Baptist loonies, Uncle Dan fails to inspire us with inspirational Bible stories, and Uncle Mark joins you on your journey, wherever it leads!


 2020-02-12  1h19m

Too Many Tyrants - 124

This week! Uncle Dan thinks burning widows is a bad thing with Sati, Uncle Doug gives away a dinette-set in Square That Circle, and Uncle Mark wonders if Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot would dig our show (Answer, probably not)!


 2020-02-05  1h11m

Gimme a C! - 123

This week! Uncle Dan introduces us to some very disappointing vibrators with tuning fork woo, Uncle Doug bothers you after you're dead with baptisms for the dead, and Uncle Mark asks "Were the Nazis atheists"? 


 2020-01-29  1h18m

White Makes Right - 122

This week! Uncle Mark honors his culture and heritage with the Creativity Movement, Uncle Dan gets tangled in snakes with the Caduceus and Uncle Doug brings up to date with the latest religious derp!


 2020-01-22  1h8m

The End of the Beginning - 121

This week! Uncle Mark shows us the 'colored' entrance to Mormon heaven with Jane Manning James, Uncle Doug ends the beginning with Genesis part II, and Uncle Dan gives us a treatise on religious art!


 2020-01-15  1h21m