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The Impromptu is a weekly technology podcast, hosted by Michael Norton and Alex Knight. It’s a multi-faceted show discussing how technology, design, and economics converge on topics that matter most to us. We examine the creative process and how the decisions we make, shape our perceptions and lives.

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51: The Twitter Catalyst

Synopsis: Special guest, K. Tempest Bradford (Sci-Fi & fantasy author) joins The Impromptu for a discussion about Twitter’s continued reluctance and/or inability to provide the necessary t…


 2016-08-22  1h0m

50: The Nintendo NX… No wait, Game Boy

Synopsis: For some reason it didn’t occur to us before, but the Nintendo NX should really be called Game Boy. For so many reasons, based on the almost certain to be design, it’s a next generation con…


 2016-08-13  1h15m

49: The Duplo of Consoles

Synopsis: Title and featured image aside, this week’s The Impromptu is not about the Sega CD. Alex thought “The Duplo of Consoles” was a clever title, based on something Michael mentioned about the S…


 2016-08-07  48m

48: Pokéwhat?

Synopsis: The Impromptu is back after a month-long hiatus. Michael updated Alex on what happened and the current status of his health. Michael and Alex also talked a little about Pokémon Go, how …


 2016-07-31  32m

47: Slow News Week – WWDC 2016 and E3

Synopsis: Michael and Alex try to highlight some of the interesting things that were announced at Apple’s WWDC conference, in addition to E3. Duration: 1:22:32 Present: Michael Norton, Alex K…


 2016-06-19  1h22m

46: PS4 – Red Pill Edition

Synopsis: Michael and Alex get into the now confirmed PS4 hardware revision with 4k support. Not only is it going to have a beefier GPU, but the RAM will be faster as well support 4k and VR. Not…


 2016-06-11  39m

45: Smart Watches – It’s Okay to Be Square

Synopsis: Michael explains how the future of sensors could be powered by tears. ‘Nuff said. Duration: 46:34:00 Present: Michael Norton, Alex Knight. Episode Links How ‘precarious’ are Jawbone’s fin…


 2016-05-28  46m

44: Google I/O 2016 – Should Apple Be Worried?

Synopsis: Michael informs Alex about some of the interesting things to come out of Google I/O 2016, because Alex couldn’t be bothered. Should Apple be worried? Duration: 43:17:02 Present: Michael N…


 2016-05-22  43m

43: Ride with Apple

Synopsis: Michael and Alex discuss what it means for Apple to invest $1 billion dollars in Uber’s largest competitor in China. Also, just what the heck is going on with Apple Music and does it makes …


 2016-05-14  n/a

42: GPUs! GPUs! GPUs!

Synopsis: Michael and Alex discuss the big news from Nvidia and the Unreal Engine and what impact they will have on VR and gaming. Also, what the heck is going on with Apple and Mac GPUs? Duration:…


 2016-05-07  n/a