The Infinite Bad

The Infinite Bad is a comedy-horror roleplaying podcast from Definitely Human. In the aftermath of World War I, four strangers find themselves caught in a web of evil beyond their reckoning. To survive, they must band together despite their differences and unravel the grisly mysteries that entangle them. Written and games mastered by veteran roleplayer Giorgio Mariani, The Infinite Bad is a weekly descent into horror and silliness. The nightmare begins with The Secret of Drakelow Hall.The Infinite Bad is a Definitely Human production. Visit to see full credits and check out our other shows. You can follow us on Twitter @HumanDefinitely for updates, and support us on Patreon at See for privacy and opt-out information.

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episode 8: Cornelia Investigates: Shamanism

Cornelia Cavendish attends a winter solstice party at her occult society. She is introduced to a shaman, and undertakes a personal inspection of his wares.


 2017-08-23  6m

episode 7: Cornelia Investigates: Tarot Cards

In the first entry of Cornelia Cavendish’s spoken logbook, she encounters tarot cards. Her local occult shopkeeper gives her a tarot reading as demonstration of its power.


 2017-08-16  3m

episode 6: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 6

After bearing witness to murder and madness at Drakelow Hall, our heroes set out into the woods in the hope of uncovering the truth. But what they find there is more disturbing than anything they could have imagined. The Infinite Bad is a Definitely ...


 2017-08-09  37m

episode 5: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 5

As if one grizzly murder wasn’t enough, now more lives have been threatened by wild beasts and wilder men. With the unrelenting storm still raging outside, can our unlikely heroes finally work together to escape? The Infinite Bad is a Definitely Huma...


 2017-08-02  39m

episode 4: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 4

Night in the old English manor has revealed the brutal murder of a soldier, and a fitful sleep has brought further horrors into our heroes’ world. A wild stag, appearing as if from nowhere in the upstairs bedroom, has been shot dead by the mysterious...


 2017-07-26  32m

episode 3: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 3

The brutal and mysterious murder of a young soldier has cut through Drakelow Hall, shaking our four heroes to their cores. They steel themselves against this tragedy, but find that the ruinous night has more to give. Faced with threats from the manor...


 2017-07-19  33m

episode 2: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 2

Four strangers have been thrown together by circumstance in rural Cumbria 1919. The friends and relatives they have travelled to visit are long dead, and they find themselves trapped without purpose in a convalescence centre in the woods. All that...


 2017-07-12  27m

episode 1: The Secret of Drakelow Hall - Part 1

It is Autumn, 1919, and with the death and din of the Great War still ringing, four strangers find themselves cramped together in a moderately sized vehicle headed to Drakelowe Hall, one of the last English manors still in use as a convalescence home...


 2017-07-05  29m