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Where did we come from? One of humanity's most basic questions, the answer is fascinating. Weaving together insights from the fields of genetics, archaeology, linguistics, and paleoanthropology, hosts Spencer Wells and Razib Khan take us on a grand tour of human history. Scientific storytelling at its best.

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episode 15: Coronavirus 2020: preamble to Weimar?

Spencer and Razib discuss the updates to the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 as of mid-April. Spencer delves into the possible social and cultural ramifications, and they both discuss the trajectory internationally and into the future.


 2020-04-16  1h17m

episode 14: Paleogenetics of East Asia

This week Spencer and Razib discuss the latest discoveries about the paleogenetic history of East Asia. Where did the Tibetans, Han, and Japanese come from?


 2020-04-09  52m

episode 13: Coronavirus pandemic of 2020

Razib and Spencer discuss the state-of-the-pandemic at the end of March 2020.


 2020-03-31  1h35m

episode 12: Natural Selection among indigenous Americans

Razib talks to Austin Reynolds about what he's discovered about adaptation in indigenous peoples of the New World.


 2020-03-25  41m

The Importance of Summer

An excerpt from Spencer's book Pandora's Seed about the eruption of Mount Tambora in Indonesia in 1815.


 2020-03-23  9m

episode 11: Genomics of Mendelian Conditions

Razib talks to Dr. Jessica Chong of the University of Washington about how genomics has changed how we view and understand rare disorders


 2020-03-19  43m

episode 10: Decreasing genetic diversity from Africa

Razib talks to Dr. Sohini Ramachandran of Brown about her classical paper from 2005 which showed decreasing genetic diversity as a function of distance from Africa


 2020-03-11  36m

episode 9: Ancient Egyptian genetics

Razib and Spencer talk about the history of ancient Egypt, and the insights genetics can shed on the origins of the ancient Egyptians


 2020-03-04  45m

episode 8: Genetics and (pre)history of Southeast Asia

Razib and Spencer talk all things genetic and prehistorical Southeast Asia!


 2020-02-26  51m

Coronavirus and Zoonoses

Spencer and Razib discuss the evolutionary and historical context of zoonotic diseases, and their relevance to current events.


 2020-02-20  31m