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Where did we come from? One of humanity's most basic questions, the answer is fascinating. Weaving together insights from the fields of genetics, archaeology, linguistics, and paleoanthropology, hosts Spencer Wells and Razib Khan take us on a grand tour of human history. Scientific storytelling at its best.

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episode 13: 23andMe, the FDA, and Our Genomic Future

Spencer, Razib and Gareth discuss the recent launch of breast cancer susceptibility (BRCA) testing by 23andMe, including the science behind the test and the policy challenges surrounding direct-to-consumer medical testing.


 2018-03-14  35m

episode 12: Paradise Lost

This week Spencer and Razib discuss the three great "Pleistocene Paradises" lost to rising sea levels at the end of the last Ice Age: Doggerland, Beringia and Sundaland.


 2018-03-07  46m

episode 11: Chris Stringer And The Human Revolution

This week Spencer and Razib discuss the Out of Africa theory, Neanderthal admixture, and The Human Revolution with Chris Stringer, Head of Human Origins Research at London's Natural History Museum.


 2018-03-01  52m

episode 10: Cheddar: More Than A Cheese

This week, Spencer and Razib do a deep dive into the early history of the British Isles, focusing specifically on the famous "Cheddar Man." Who were the first Brits, and what did they really look like?


 2018-02-22  40m

episode 9: Darwin Day Special: Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?

Spencer and Razib discuss Charles Darwin's scientific impact on our understanding of evolution, and delve into the mechanism by which selection - both natural and sexual - produces biological change.


 2018-02-15  47m

episode 8: Journey of Man Redux

15 years after the premiere of the PBS/National Geographic documentary ‘Journey of Man’ and the publication of Spencer’s book, Spencer and Razib talk about the impact they have had on the public’s understanding of genetics and human...


 2018-02-08  1h3m

episode 7: Ancestry Deconvoluted

Spencer and Razib discuss how geneticists infer ancestry from genomic data, with guest Joe Pickrell - geneticist, founder & CEO of consumer genomics startup Gencove.  Find out why telling you you’re 6% Greek is harder than it seems…


 2018-02-01  41m

episode 6: Consumer Genomics Goes Mainstream

Spencer, Razib and Gareth discuss the past, present and future of consumer genomics, from its early days as a cottage industry to where it goes in 2018 - and beyond.


 2018-01-25  34m

episode 5: The Indo-European Enigma

Razib and Spencer discuss the genetic evidence for the migration of Bronze Age Indo-Aryan steppe nomads across Eurasia, including the political issues surrounding their impact on the Indian subcontinent.


 2018-01-17  27m

episode 4: Neander-Me Part 2

Today, humans are the only species of hominin in the world. 50,000 years ago, however, we were not alone - our cousins, the Neanderthals and Denisovans, walked the Earth with us. Their legacy lives on in our genomes today. Razib and Spencer take us on...


 2018-01-11  40m