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Where did we come from? One of humanity's most basic questions, the answer is fascinating. Weaving together insights from the fields of genetics, archaeology, linguistics, and paleoanthropology, hosts Spencer Wells and Razib Khan take us on a grand tour of human history. Scientific storytelling at its best.

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episode 19: Historical Linguistics

Asya Pereltsvaig joins us to talk about historical linguistics, how language evolution relates to genetic evolution (or not), and what sorts of features are important in creating a phylogenetic tree of languages.


 2019-03-19  47m

episode 20: This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution

David Sloan Wilson talks about the application of evolutionary theory to policy and people, and his book, This View of Life: Completing the Darwinian Revolution.


 2019-03-27  54m

episode 21: The genetic history of Ice Age Europe

Razib discusses the genetics of Pleistocene Europeans with Cosimo Posth.


 2019-04-02  43m

episode 22: Solving the Missing Heritability

Razib talks to Alexander Young on whether the missing heritability is solved, and what it is in the first place


 2019-04-11  1h0m

episode 23: The ape that understood the universe

Razib talks to evolutionary psychologist Steve Stewart-Williams about how the origins of our mind can inform how we interact with the world around us. Show notes:


 2019-04-16  53m

episode 24: Deconstructing the Denisovans

Spencer and Razib discuss who the Denisovans were, where they lived, and what it means for us as humans.


 2019-04-24  1h15m

episode 25: The $1000 Genome

Razib talks to Rodrigo Martinez of Veritas Genetics about what the age of "social genomics" will mean to us.


 2019-05-02  1h10m

episode 26: The Epigenetics Revolution

This week Razib talks to Dr. John Greally on what epigenetics really is, and why it is important. Show notes


 2019-05-09  49m

episode 27: Neolithic Massacre

This week Razib talks to two researchers who have published a paper that reconstructs the relationships between a group of people who seem to have been killed in a conflict during the Neolithic in Poland. Show notes


 2019-05-16  1h10m

episode 28: Altitude Adaptation and Denisovans

Razib talks to Emilia Huerta-Sanchez about her finding that altitude adaptation in Tibetans is due to Denisovan admixture.


 2019-05-22  52m