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Where did we come from? One of humanity's most basic questions, the answer is fascinating. Weaving together insights from the fields of genetics, archaeology, linguistics, and paleoanthropology, hosts Spencer Wells and Razib Khan take us on a grand tour of human history. Scientific storytelling at its best.

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episode 12: Natural Selection among indigenous Americans

Razib talks to Austin Reynolds about what he's discovered about adaptation in indigenous peoples of the New World.


 2020-03-25  41m

episode 13: Coronavirus pandemic of 2020

Razib and Spencer discuss the state-of-the-pandemic at the end of March 2020.


 2020-03-31  1h35m

episode 17: Coronavirus: the question for vaccination and the specter of revolution

Spencer and Razib discuss the state of the pandemic, why Spencer is skeptical of rapid vaccine development, and the political and cultural fallout of COVID-19.


 2020-05-01  1h4m

episode 18: Genetically Modified Organisms

Razib talks to Chad Niederhuth at Michigan State on the promise of GMO agriculture!


 2020-05-07  50m

episode 20: Ancient DNA and China

Spencer and Razib discuss the latest ancient DNA work that sheds light on East Asian prehistory (and also some coronavirus status update)


 2020-05-21  53m

episode 21: The genetic basis of facial variation

This week Razib talks to Dan Crouch about what we know about the genetics of the variation shape and features.


 2020-05-29  58m

episode 22: American Downfall: Cultural evolution, Peter Turchin, and the return of history

Spencer and Razib discuss current events in the context of cultural evolution. The history of decline, the American "Empire", and Peter Turchin's thoughts on social disorder


 2020-06-03  1h24m

episode 23: Psychiatry and genes

Razib talks to Dr. Emily Deans on what's like to work in psychiatry today in a world with personal genomics.


 2020-06-12  48m

episode 24: Two cultures, humanities and science

Spencer and Razib discuss what the humanities can offer to science with Kerim Yasar, professor of East Asian literature


 2020-06-19  1h0m

episode 25: Will to Power and the Holocene transition

Razib and Spencer talk about what a new ancient DNA paper from Neolithic Ireland suggests about radical inequality and power differentials in early agricultural societies, and what that says about the transition from hunting and gathering more...


 2020-06-26  1h1m