The Investopedia Express with Caleb Silver

Get ready for the week ahead with Investopedia’s Editor in Chief, Caleb Silver, as he digs into the most important stories in finance and global economics. Through expert analysis, interviews with the biggest names in business, and educational breakdowns of the news that moves markets, The Investopedia Express preps you with the information you need to start your week in finance.

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episode 104: The Great Portfolio Reset - Live from Investor Connection

The bears are circling as asset prices are being reset amid higher interest rates. Christine Benz and John Rekenthaler of Morningstar, and Anastasia Amoroso of iCapital, join Caleb at Investor Connection, a live event last week, for a conversation on how individual investors can reset their portfolios given the new market dynamics. Plus, why the Dot Plot, one of the most boring charts in economics and investing, is the most important data set for investors to pay attention to today...



episode 103: Avoiding the Bear Trap - Live from Future Proof

The Express steams through the Future Proof Wealth Festival to bring you conversations from some of the country's top financial advisors and investment strategists on how we should navigate the tumult in the capital markets. Joe McLean, Lindsey Bell, Blair Duquesnay and Michael Antonelli climb aboard with their best advice for investors of all ages as we face rising interest rates and even more uncertainty...



episode 102: eToro Charges on Through the Crypto Winter

Lule Demissie, CEO of eToro U.S., joins the show from the Future Proof Wealth festival to talk about how its customers are braving the crypto winter and the downturn in stocks, and why investing education is getting them through it. Plus, two major railroad unions threaten to strike this week which could derail the supply chain just as it is showing signs of easing. What's lays ahead on the tracks and why it could thwart the easing of inflation. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES: https://insight.factset...



episode 101: The Secret Sauce Behind the World's Greatest Investors

What are the characteristics of the world's greatest investors that separate them from the rest of us? David Rubenstein, co-founder of The Carlyle Group, and best-selling author, joins The Express to talk about the legends of the game and his new book, "How to Invest - Masters on the Craft". Plus, more hawkish talk from central bankers and stubborn inflation have killed the four-decade old bull market in bonds. That could be a $140 trillion dollar problem that will rock capital markets...



episode 100: Technicals, Fundamentals and Freestyle Finance Ring in our 100th Episode

As The Express celebrates 100 episodes, we bring in JC Parets of AllStarCharts and Kenny Polcari for a full examination of the markets using technical analysis and macro fundamentals. Plus, Kenny drops an incredible recipe for a bone-in pork roast and JC gives us the perfect wine pairing to go with it. And, Dex McBean, a real-deal freestyle finance MC, joins The Express with the term of the week backed by a vicious beat. SHOW NOTE LINKS https://www.kennypolcari...


 2022-08-29  32m

episode 99: The Measure of Financial Influence with Mrs. Dow Jones

Haley Sacks, aka “Mrs. Dow Jones”, joins the Express to talk about her journey to becoming a financial pop star, and what her hundreds of thousands of followers are asking her about every day. Plus, hawkish talk from the Fed and high anxiety blew a cool icy wind across the markets, and the short sellers are back at the table. Is the market repeating its cycles from 1946, 1973 and 2001? We dig into the charts. https://www.carsongroup...


 2022-08-22  29m

episode 98: Going Back to School with Stock Market Fundamentals

Brian Feroldi, the author of, "Why Does the Stock Market Go Up?", joins the show as we go back to the fundamentals of the stock market and how to invest for the long term as the market switches cycles. Plus, we dig into the charts and indicators that tell us if this rally is for real, or just another bear trap. And, Benjamin Graham explains why the experts often get it so wrong in a rare piece of footage of The Intelligent Investor. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES https://www.investopedia...


 2022-08-15  30m

episode 97: Live from InvestFest with Downtown Josh Brown, BitBoy Crypto, and Lamar Wilson

The Express steamed down to Atlanta for InvestFest by Earn Your Leisure, and we caught up with Downtown Josh Brown to talk about why this market is the ideal time for young investors to learn the right lessons to build wealth in the future. Plus, how to make sense of the Crypto Winter with BitBoy Crypto, and Lamar Wilson, founder of the Black Bitcoin Billionaire Network. And, more government spending is on the way via the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022...


 2022-08-08  31m

episode 96: Examining the Health of the Stock Market with Dr. Ed Yardeni

Dr. Ed Yardeni, the founder, president and Chief Investment Officer of Yardeni Research on why the stock market may have bottomed in June, and what key health indicators we should focus on to see if the patient is on the road to full recovery. Plus, Yardeni shares his favorite investing and finance shows and movies, and why his favorite term, "Bond Vigilantes", is about to become popular again. LINKS FOR SHOW NOTES https://www.yardeni...


 2022-08-01  30m

episode 95: Untangling the Economic Enigma that is Argentina

How could such a beautiful country blessed with abundant natural resources, a well-educated workforce, and access to trading partners around the world be mired with sky-high inflation and an unstable currency? The answers are complicated and entangled in decades of tumultuous political history. The Express heads to the Rio de la Plata on a journey of economic discovery. SHOW LINKS: https://www.cefeidas...


 2022-07-25  39m