The Irish Passport

Irish culture and current affairs with the historical backstory that explains it all. Presented by journalist Naomi O Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, this is your passport to Ireland.

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A looming crisis in Irish-British relations?

Tensions threaten to flare again between Ireland, Britain and the EU with a new UK prime minister who has promised to take a hard line on the Northern Ireland Protocol. The death of Queen Elizabeth however put a pause on developments for the period of mo



War of Independence: Partition

The third installment in Naomi and Tims series on the War of Independence discusses a landmark of 20th century Irish history: the partition of the island. Tim digs into the backstory to reveal how once again, an unhappy chapter of Irish history is li



War of Independence: The Black and Tans

The second installment of Naomi and Tims series on Irelands War of Independence focuses on the Black and Tans: the brutal reinforcements sent by Winston Churchill to put down the forces of the revolutionary Irish republic in 1920. Historian Dr Conor Mulv


 2022-07-24  1h14m

War of Independence: The First Dáil

The War of Independence was the moment in which Ireland threw off British rule and emerged as a state. The dramatic events that took place and the beliefs that informed them would shape the emerging nation, and play a role up until the present day. Tim a


 2022-06-26  1h5m

A new balance of power in Northern Ireland

A seismic election in Northern Ireland returned the pro-Irish unity Sinn Féin as the largest party for the first time ever. The Alliance Party, identifying neither as nationalist nor unionist, surged to become the third force in northern politics in anot


 2022-05-29  1h8m

Ireland’s Response to the Ukraine Crisis

Since our last episode, Europes political landscape has been transformed - and that of Ireland along with it. Naomi lays out the facts about Irelands unique position in the international response to the Ukraine crisis. We find out why debates about milit


 2022-03-27  55m

Ukraine and Ireland a shared history

This weekend, a group of musicians gathered in OBriens Irish pub in the Ukranian capital and belted out traditional Irish tunes as a distraction from the threat of war. In this episode we uncover the surprisingly rich common history shared by Ireland


 2022-02-23  56m

An Teanga Bheo

From the streets of Brussels, to an office block in Greece, to a bus ride in San Francisco, the Irish language can pop up in some unexpected places. In this episode, we explore some of the new international frontiers of Irish. We speak to people whose kn


 2022-01-25  1h4m

The Bishop, the Guns, and the Virgin Mary

Did you ever hear the one about the bishop and the airport? Or the unlikely group of Irish revolutionaries who ended up changing history through an ill-fated trip to Belgium on a yacht? Naomi and Tim tell some of their favourite, quirkiest stories fr


 2021-12-17  59m

Neutrality, Part 2: Ireland’s Dubious Defence

This summer, the chaotic fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban left Irish citizens stranded, exposing the states lack of aircraft large enough to conduct an evacuation. It also highlighted the issue of Irelands tiny and under-funded defence forces, which f


 2021-11-25  1h3m