The Irish Passport

Described as "brilliant" by the Guardian and "peerless" by Slugger O'Toole, The Irish Passport has smashed into international podcast charts with its fun blend of Irish current affairs with the history and culture needed to understand them. Presented by journalist Naomi O'Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, it's your passport to Ireland.

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Halfpints: Six points that sum up Ireland’s 2020 election

Ireland goes to the polls on February 8th. We break down six points that explain the election. Who are the players? Why was the election called? What are the main issues? How will the election work? What are the likely results? And what do the Black and



Direct Provision

In this season finale, The Irish Passport takes on one of Ireland’s most controversial issues: Direct Provision. The system for housing people who apply for refugee status in Ireland turns 20 this year. We speak to Bulelani Mfaco, who fled persecut



Home for Christmas

Every year, thousands of returning emigrants make their way through the sliding doors of Dublin airport arrivals to come home to Ireland for Christmas. Tim and Naomi record from the scene to bring you the stories of those who have travelled from far and


 2019-12-22  41m

What the UK election means for Ireland, Brexit and the union

The UK has voted for a Boris Brexit, and the future of the union has never seemed so fragile. What does the biggest Conservative majority in a generation mean for Ireland north and south? Naomi and Tim dissect the election results, discuss how a number o


 2019-12-13  29m

Halfpints: Ireland’s history of locking up women: interview with Caelainn Hogan

During the 20th century, a significant proportion of the Irish population was incarcerated in a network of institutions. These ranged from Magdalene laundries where ‘troublesome’ women were put into servitude, to industrial schools for childr


 2019-11-28  38m

Secret Dublin with comedian Tara Flynn, Irish Queer Archive’s Tonie Walsh, and historian Terry Fagan

Live from Dublin, the Irish Passport brings you the hidden history of the Irish capital. Comedian and author Tara Flynn discusses her favourite Dublin secrets. Tonie Walsh describes gay life in the city before the decriminalisation of homosexuality, and


 2019-11-24  1h10m

Ireland and Japan

Islands on opposite sides of the world with deep differences, and surprising similarities! Naomi and Tim explore the thriving traditional Irish music scene in Tokyo, reporting from a session in a downtown pub where dozens of Japanese musicians meet to pl


 2019-10-18  58m

Re-inventing Ireland: live show with author Sarah Maria Griffin, Green Party’s Clare Bailey and political scientist David Farrell

A century since a revolutionary Irish government declared the birth of a new nation, we ask how Ireland could be re-invented for the future. We are living in a moment of rapid change. Great geopolitical shifts are destroying old certainties. Climate chan


 2019-10-14  1h24m

Returning diaspora, repeat referendums and loyalists in a United Ireland: it’s a listener questions episode!

The Irish Passport is opening up the floor to listeners in this episode, and taking questions on everything from recent Irish political history, to life as a returned member of the diaspora. Several people got in touch with practical questions about a


 2019-10-09  46m

S3 Episode 8: Where the Brexit Stakes are Highest Part 2

The second installment in two episodes bringing you the voices of those with the most at stake as a disastrous No Deal Brexit threatens the island of Ireland. We speak to Orla Smyth, a businesswoman who has invested everything she had in building Belfast


 2019-09-23  52m