The Irish Passport

Described as "brilliant" by the Guardian and "peerless" by Slugger O'Toole, The Irish Passport has smashed into international podcast charts with its fun blend of Irish current affairs with the history and culture needed to understand them. Presented by journalist Naomi O'Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, it's your passport to Ireland.

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S3 Episode 4: Poetry and Pain

A Newry woman visits her big brother in Paris. The two share a drink and talk all night. The next morning, he leaves instructions for taking the metro, and disappears. His family never see him again. The story of Anne Morgan’s 32-year search for he


 2019-07-01  1h4m

S3 Episode 3: Collusion

A brutal mass shooting shocks the world. In its wake, leaders vow to find those responsible and bring them to justice. But instead, the investigation goes nowhere. Evidence mysteriously goes missing or is destroyed. Suspects are tipped off before they ar


 2019-05-24  47m

Halfpints: Ellen Coyne on Women’s Healthcare

Enjoy this freely available episode of the Irish Passport Podcast Halfpints, the exclusive extra-content series we make to thank our Patreon supporters. In this Halfpint episode, we look back on our full interview with Ellen Coyne, the journalist who bro


 2019-05-23  21m

S3 Episode 2: Travellers

Who are Irish Travellers? The answer is Ireland’s most hidden history: mistaught or not taught in schools, often invisible or misrepresented in the media, and abused by some for political gain. In this episode, three Irish Travellers explain who th


 2019-04-26  55m

S3 Episode 1: Women in Politics

In this first episode of Season 3, we explore the fascinating story of Irish women in politics from 1916 to the present day. We ask why women –  integral to the foundation of the state – almost disappeared from the country’s political l


 2019-03-28  59m

Bonus Live Show: The London-Irish Diaspora

This St Patrick’s Day weekend we’re bringing you a bonus live show! Tim comes to you from the Museum London, where he speaks to journalist Séamas O’Reilly and historian Danielle Thom about the London-Irish Diaspora, past and present. We’ll also hear abou


 2019-03-12  53m

Live show! Ireland and America: the long romance

The Irish Passport’s first live show takes on the issues of race, politics and history between Ireland and the United States. We hear the backstage gossip from St. Patrick’s Day at the White house from RTÉ broadcaster Caitríona Perry, author


 2019-02-15  1h21m

Halfpints preview: Brexit, the border and Irish unity

A sneak preview of a bonus episode published to thank our Patreon supporters. Hear the full episode at How has Brexit transformed the debate on Irish unification? We hear from locals in Northern Ireland on why a referendum o


 2019-01-29  1m

S2 Episode 13: Nationalism

It’s the Season 2 finale of the Irish Passport Podcast, and we’re taking on Irish Nationalism. Naomi interviews Sinn Féin president Mary Lou McDonald about her concept of progressive Irish nationalism, and why she believes its anti-colonial r


 2019-01-26  1h8m

S2 Episode 12: The Mysterious Eviction

Strange things are happening in Co. Roscommon, where a controversial eviction has set the internet on fire. Who were the unidentified men who ejected an elderly family from their farm house last week? Why do ex-British soldiers appear to be involved?


 2018-12-18  42m