The Irish Passport

Described as "brilliant" by the Guardian and "peerless" by Slugger O'Toole, The Irish Passport has smashed into international podcast charts with its fun blend of Irish current affairs with the history and culture needed to understand them. Presented by journalist Naomi O'Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, it's your passport to Ireland.

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Halfpints: Brexit chaos

Brexit chaos has turned British politics upside down for the last few weeks. What’s actually going on and should you care? Naomi and Tim lay out what are the UK’s realistic options, what the various factions actually want, and how it all rela


 2018-12-05  50m

S2 Episode 11 Irish Politics and the Civil War

Ireland’s main political parties are not split on a traditional left-right model, but instead represent different sides of a bloody civil war in the 1920s. But why is this war spoken about so little today? Could it be that its memory is too painful


 2018-11-21  1h5m

Halfpints: Why the poppy divides Ireland

A hundred years since the end of the First World War, the remembrance poppy remains a controversial symbol in Ireland. Why? Writer Kylie Noble explains what the poppy meant to her as a child growing up in Fermanagh in Northern Ireland, and how she reconc


 2018-11-11  27m

Halfpints: Ireland elects a president

Ireland votes for president on Friday October 26. Naomi and Tim break down the drama of the campaign.  Featuring dragons, horses, and car-crash interviews (literally). We hit the campaign trail on the streets of Dublin, ask Sinn Féin candidate Liadh Ní R


 2018-10-20  4m

S2 Episode 10 The Housing Crisis

Ireland’s housing crisis is at boiling point, with homelessness at record levels and even well-paid people struggling to afford soaring rents and house prices. It’s the political issue everyone is talking about — but it’s one with


 2018-10-01  1h0m

S2 Episode 9: The Glorious Twelfth

Tim and Naomi travel to Belfast for the peak of Northern Ireland’s marching season: the 11th and 12th of July, when unionists and British-identifying communities light enormous bonfires and parade through the streets to commemorate Protestant milit


 2018-09-11  1h5m

Halfpints: Pope Francis in Ireland

Pope Francis visits Ireland in the wake of the abortion referendum, as Church infighting over the legacy of abuse in Catholic institutions threatens to derail the trip. We hear from people who protested the papal visit, and feature a special guest who de


 2018-09-01  56m

S2 Episode 8: Derry: “Ireland’s Jerusalem”

Derry: ground zero for the outbreak of conflict in Northern Ireland. Is it once again being threatened with instability as Brexit causes deep uncertainty over the border? Naomi and Tim travel north just as unrest breaks out in the ancient city as Protest


 2018-07-26  1h7m

S2 Episode 7: Brexit Update 2018

The British government has locked itself in a country mansion to debate Brexit, like a demented Agatha Christie novel. In Brussels, Irish and European leaders grimly start planning for a cliff-edge, no-deal outcome. What’s going on and what does it


 2018-07-07  43m

Halfpints: Scotland and Ireland

Why are there two Scottish football clubs, one whose supporters wave the Irish tricolour, the other the Union Jack? The rivalry between Celtic and Rangers is just one aspect of a fascinating cultural interchange between Ireland and Scotland that goes bac


 2018-07-04  24m