The Irish Passport

Irish culture and current affairs with the historical backstory that explains it all. Presented by journalist Naomi O Leary and lecturer Tim Mc Inerney, this is your passport to Ireland.

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Ireland and Japan

Islands on opposite sides of the world with deep differences, and surprising similarities! Naomi and Tim explore the thriving traditional Irish music scene in Tokyo, reporting from a session in a downtown pub where dozens of Japanese musicians meet to pl


 2019-10-18  58m

Re-inventing Ireland: live show with author Sarah Maria Griffin, Green Party’s Clare Bailey and political scientist David Farrell

A century since a revolutionary Irish government declared the birth of a new nation, we ask how Ireland could be re-invented for the future. We are living in a moment of rapid change. Great geopolitical shifts are destroying old certainties. Climate chan


 2019-10-14  1h24m

Returning diaspora, repeat referendums and loyalists in a United Ireland: it’s a listener questions episode!

The Irish Passport is opening up the floor to listeners in this episode, and taking questions on everything from recent Irish political history, to life as a returned member of the diaspora. Several people got in touch with practical questions about a


 2019-10-09  46m

S3 Episode 8: Where the Brexit Stakes are Highest Part 2

The second installment in two episodes bringing you the voices of those with the most at stake as a disastrous No Deal Brexit threatens the island of Ireland. We speak to Orla Smyth, a businesswoman who has invested everything she had in building Belfast


 2019-09-23  52m

S3 Episode 7: Where the Brexit Stakes are Highest Part 1

With the threat of a cliff edge Brexit posing extremely serious consequences for the island of Ireland and the border, we bring you the voices of people with the most at stake. Featuring a doctor in Derry who is worried about his patients getting their e


 2019-09-17  1h0m

S3 Episode 5: Galway, City of the Tribes

Fishermen kings, Spanish galleons, and fearsome pirate marauders – these are just some of the things that make the history of Galway City on the west coast of Ireland so intriguing. Take a tour around the medieval old town with historian Adrian Mar


 2019-07-13  59m

S3 Episode 4: Poetry and Pain

A Newry woman visits her big brother in Paris. The two share a drink and talk all night. The next morning, he leaves instructions for taking the metro, and disappears. His family never see him again. The story of Anne Morgan’s 32-year search for he


 2019-07-01  1h4m

S3 Episode 3: Collusion

A brutal mass shooting shocks the world. In its wake, leaders vow to find those responsible and bring them to justice. But instead, the investigation goes nowhere. Evidence mysteriously goes missing or is destroyed. Suspects are tipped off before they ar


 2019-05-24  47m

Halfpints: Ellen Coyne on Women’s Healthcare

Enjoy this freely available episode of the Irish Passport Podcast Halfpints, the exclusive extra-content series we make to thank our Patreon supporters. In this Halfpint episode, we look back on our full interview with Ellen Coyne, the journalist who bro


 2019-05-23  21m

S3 Episode 2: Travellers

Who are Irish Travellers? The answer is Ireland’s most hidden history: mistaught or not taught in schools, often invisible or misrepresented in the media, and abused by some for political gain. In this episode, three Irish Travellers explain who th


 2019-04-26  55m