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episode 29: EP 129: Neosha - Unapologetically Me

You know that feeling you get when you hear a new talent for the first time, and you feel like they have a ton of promise?

As they grow and get bigger, their success sort of feels like your success. You were checking for them before anybody knew who they were, so there’s an added sense of satisfaction as they grow.

You might get that feeling about my guest this week, Neosha. She's an up-and-coming singer/songwriter who's ready to make her mark on the industry...


 2020-11-18  1h3m

episode 28: EP 128: Sim Campbell - County of Kings

You can learn a lot about a person by observing how they respond to adversity.

My guest this week is an author/rapper who was once sentenced to 24 years in federal prison. Rather than let that be the end of his story, he’s using his past experience as a tool to teach others and improve the community around him.

Through his books and his music, he’s working to help the next generation realize its full potential...


 2020-11-11  38m

episode 27: EP 127: Sam Johnson - California Fire

There’s nothing like hearing your new favorite song for the first time, and every time I interview a musician, I feel like that potential exists. 

My guest this week is singer/songwriter Sam Johnson, and he’s got a few songs creeping up that list. He was recently on tour with Train, Matt Nathanson, and Allen Stone, and he just released his new single, Monsters on TV...


 2020-11-04  1h0m

episode 26: EP 126: Allen C. Paul - God and Gigs

Where do you draw your line? At some point, we all either have faced or will face a situation that we believe is forcing us to choose between our core beliefs and professional success. But do you actually have to make that choice?

Allen C. Paul from God and Gigs is here to help us answer that question, as well as shed light on how he's using the God and Gigs platform to help other creatives succeed without sacrificing their faith...


 2020-10-28  54m

episode 25: EP 125: Cameron Campbell - Alpha, Redefined

A lot of people like to talk about building up the community and helping others become the best version of themselves, and far too often, those words ring hollow. My guest this week is letting his actions speak for themselves. He’s written books, he...


 2020-10-21  1h37m

episode 24: Ep 124: Lindsey Wander - Classroom to the Boardroom

The pandemic has highlighted a laundry list of issues that we need to reflect on as a society. Right up near the top of that list is how we value teachers.My guest this week is Lindsey Wander. She’s the founder and CEO of WorldWise Tutoring, but once...


 2020-10-14  52m

episode 23: Ep 123: Yohance Salimu - Underprivileged Overachiever

Who doesn’t love a good story? Every now and then, you stumble upon a story that can educate, inform, and entertain concurrently.My guest this week is Yohance Salimu, and he has one of those stories. He’s here to promote his new book, Underprivileged...


 2020-10-07  42m

episode 22: Ep 122: Lynn Power - Masami Motivation

Brand recognition is of the utmost importance. If no one knows what you’re doing or that you even exist, it’s hard to make any money. More importantly, you have to know what type of image you want to project to the world and maintain authenticity at all...


 2020-09-30  48m

episode 21: EP 121: Nir Bashan - The Creator Mindset

Have you ever noticed that, at times, being creative is more difficult than it should be? How many times have you sat there waiting for that creative spark to ignite something magical, only to be greeted by deafeningly silent thoughts? Help is on the...


 2020-09-23  36m

episode 20: Ep 120: Bill Dwight - FamZoo

How old were you when you finally learned how to manage money? This week’s guest is the founder and CEO of FamZoo, Bill Dwight. He stopped by to discuss teaching your kids about money, the tools that worked for his kids, how to prepare your kids for...


 2020-09-16  40m