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The Jaded 80s Baby Podcast puts a spotlight on businesses and entrepreneurs while encouraging money education. Entrepreneurs come from all walks of life, so you’ll hear from musicians, CEOs, investors, and more. You'll be entertained, and hopefully, you'll learn something along the way! Follow the show on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, @jaded80sbaby


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episode 9: Ep 10: Luis Benitez - Trainer for the People, part 1

This week’s guest is Luis Benitez. He’s a personal trainer from New York who is also a competitive weightlifter. He stopped by to provide a wealth of fitness knowledge and tips that you can implement right now. In part 1 of this amazing 2-part...


 2020-07-22  39m

episode 11: Ep 11: Luis Benitez - Trainer for the People, part 2

In part 2 of my interview with Luis Benitez, we dive into nutrition, exercising vs. training, the future of the fitness industry, and the purpose of a personal trainer. We also discuss how to properly align your nutrition and training regiments with...


 2020-07-23  38m

episode 12: Ep. 12: Chuck Jaffe - Money Life, part 1

Financial literacy is of the utmost importance these days. Simply relying on your paycheck isn’t going to cut it anymore. A lot of people have learned the hard way during this pandemic. But what alternatives are there? What if you only have a limited...


 2020-07-29  37m

episode 13: Ep. 13: Chuck Jaffe - Money Life, part 2

Are you afraid of debt? Do you want to know how to use debt to your advantage? Are you curious about the stock market but not quite ready to sign on with a full-scale brokerage? We all have plenty of questions during these uncertain times. In part two...


 2020-07-30  38m

episode 13: Ep 14: Bianca Nucaro - 705 Creative

The allure of the digital nomad lifestyle is leading to a surge in digital entrepreneurs. Services like social media marketing, web design, and graphic design have become more vital than ever, and they will likely see an uptick of entrants in their...


 2020-08-05  45m

episode 15: Ep 15: Brenden Kumarasamy - Be Insane or Be the Same

Communication is one of the most basic yet crucial skills that we possess. Whether you’re trying to make friends or build a brand, how you communicate will undoubtedly play a role in determining your success. We communicate with others every day, but...


 2020-08-12  31m

episode 16: Ep 16: Jerry Brazie - Diversify or Die

Being an entrepreneur comes with inherent risk. You’re likely going to accumulate some debt, and perhaps, it’ll take a while before you start to turn a profit. On top of the risk, you have to decide on an industry and a business model. But how do you...


 2020-08-19  47m

episode 17: Ep 17: Sara Oliveira - Hoy Tampoco

What’s life without creativity? Music and poetry are like food for the soul, and my guest this week is here to give us a full serving. In this episode of the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, singer, songwriter, and author, Sara Oliveira checks-in from Spain to...


 2020-08-26  27m

episode 18: Ep 18: Susan Boles - Less Is More

Have you ever wished that your business could turn into the next Uber? Who wouldn’t want an enormous company that seems to have a knack for finding investors? This week on the Jaded 80s Baby podcast, virtual advisor and the CFO of Scale Spark, Susan...


 2020-09-02  35m

episode 19: Ep 119: Mark Foreman - Is Brooklyn in the House?

The world is changing at a remarkable pace, and so are the faces of politics, travel, and business. My guest this week is Mark Foreman. He’s an entrepreneur from Brooklyn, NY that lives in Taiwan. He stopped by to discuss the political climate in the...


 2020-09-09  1h4m