The Jim Jefferies Show Podcast

Jim Jefferies tackles the latest news and issues with his trademark no-bulls**t candor, his piercing insight and his uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

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Daily Show contributor Jordan Klepper knows the typical rally mottos. In his new podcast, "Jordan Klepper Fingers the Conspiracy", Jordan is diving into the wildest conspiracy theories pitched to him at Trump Rallies and is determined to trace down whether or not they’re true (they’re not). Join Jordan in finding out more about theories like The Deep State, Pizzagate, and Tim, which is apparently Osama Bin Laden’s real name...


 November 9, 2022  2m

Introducing Beyond the Scenes from the Daily Show

Daily Show correspondent Roy Wood Jr. gives listeners an inside look at The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Hear how correspondents, writers, and producers of the Emmy-winning series use comedy to tackle a variety of complex topics and discuss where these issues stand today. On this episode, Roy is joined by Daily Show writers X Mayo and Ashton Womack for a wide-ranging and deeply personal discussion about mental health, the Black church, the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020, and more...


 July 27, 2021  41m

Introducing Roy’s Job Fair with Roy Wood Jr‪.

Comedian Roy Wood Jr. is exploring the entertaining world of employment in his new podcast, 'Roy’s Job Fair.' Each week, Roy sits down with real people from all lines of work and chats about jobs they’ve had, vacancies they’re looking to fill, scams they’ve run at the office, and even a few cringe-worthy office romances. Join Roy on a hilarious climb through this fascinating and entertaining window into the human condition...


 March 22, 2021  2m

Introducing I Don’t Know About That with Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies has a new podcast. Search for "I Don't Know About That with Jim Jefferies" and subscribe now.   In this introduction, Jim Jefferies, Forrest Shaw, and Kelly Blackheart explain the theme of the show.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


 May 8, 2020  2m

Introducing "Stand-Up w/ Tom Thakkar"

Introducing "Stand-Up w/ Tom Thakkar," a weekly stand-up listening party featuring some of the greatest stand-up of all time, from classic bits out of Comedy Central’s library to jokes that were written the same week you hear them. Subscribe HERE to listen now.


 April 23, 2020  1m

episode 71: Introducing Everyday Decisions with Jo Firestone

Introducing Everyday Decisions with Jo Firestone, a new comedy interview podcast about the routines, rituals and decisions – both big and small – that help the most interesting people get through their everyday. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts or search for "Everyday Decisions with Jo Firestone” to listen now.


 February 26, 2020  0m

Introducing The Daily Show Podcast Universe Episode 1: These American Lies

Introducing The Daily Show Podcast Universe, a five-episode miniseries, each episode a parody of a popular podcast or podcast genre. Subscribe HERE or search for "The Daily Show Podcast Universe" to hear them all. In this episode listen to These American Lies, hosted by Desi Lydic and Michael Kosta, where they explore President Trump's claim that 3-5 million people voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. It's sure to be the talk of your next Upper West Side dinner party.


 January 13, 2020  15m

episode 71: Bonus: Live at Gotham - Jim's Terrifying Flight Into Baghdad

In this 2009 Live at Gotham appearance, Jim recounts his harrowing helicopter ride into Baghdad on the way to his standup performance for U.S. troops.


 November 26, 2019  5m

episode 70: There Are Too Many Choices

On Jim's final episode, he discusses the world's first penis transplant, exposes the brutal practice of shark finning and explains why too many choices can be a bad thing.


 November 20, 2019  11m

episode 69: Are Japanese B-Stylers Racist?

Jim examines the decline of religion in America, investigates the Japanese trend of appropriating African-American culture and asks panelists to identify racist scenarios.


 November 13, 2019  11m