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Jim Jefferies tackles the latest news and issues with his trademark no-bulls**t candor, his piercing insight and his uniquely Aussie viewpoint.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 48m. Bisher sind 78 Folge(n) erschienen. Dies ist ein wöchentlich erscheinender Podcast.

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episode 17: Roast Beef, Eugenics & Katana Swords (with Bryan Callen)

Bryan Callen (@bryancallen) stops in to chat with Jim and Forrest about the strict abortion laws in Ireland, how Forrest once bet on the Little League World Series and to remind everyone that there are no pros to slavery.


 2018-04-25  42m

episode 16: Syria, Abstinence & April 18th (with Brad Williams & Scott Nugent)

Brad Williams (@funnybrad) and Jim's brother, Scott Nugent (@scottnugent101), join Jim and Forrest to chat about Comey's book & dwarifsm while Jim renames sex, "Thrusty Rub Rub".


 2018-04-18  55m

episode 15: Bingo Wings, Jesus Christ & Noel Gallagher (with JC Currais)

JC Currais (@jcstandup) joins Jim and Forrest to chat about Oasis, Australia's biggest sports scandal and Jim's new venture into prop comedy.


 2018-04-11  54m

episode 14: Sex Trafficking, Fake News & The T5 Transit (with Andrew Santino)

Andrew Santino (@cheetosantino) joins Jim and Forrest to chat about meat pies, offensive ways to address a redhead and how Jim would make a great black President.


 2018-04-04  49m

episode 13: Protests, Jim's Death & Dumplings (with Scott Zabielski)

Jim and Forrest sit down with Scott Zabielski (@scottzabielski) to talk about Jim's place on the list of "Best Australians", the dumplings that made them shit their pants and answer the age old question, "what are you talking about, Willis?"


 2018-03-29  59m

episode 10: James Bond, Chris Rock & The Jimmy Fallon of Israel

On another bonus episode, Jim & Forrest check in from on tour.


 2018-01-23  1h5m

episode 10: Private Jets, Stereotypes & The Fokken Sisters

On this bonus episode, Jim & Forrest check in from tour to talk about what's coming up next season on The Jim Jefferies Show.


 2018-01-15  1h2m

episode 10: Gambling, Guns & Thanksgiving (with Nicole Kristal & Julia Papworth)

Jim sits down with Nicole Kristal (@stillbisexual) and Julia Papworth (@Juliapapworth) to chat about drug tests, Osama "where you" Bin Laden, and answer the age old question- is Jim sexier than Blake Shelton?


 2017-11-22  1h3m

episode 9: Robots, Rob Reiner & "Ben Ghazi" (with Dan Bakkedahl & Scott Zabielski)

Dan Bakkedahl (Life in Pieces, Veep) and Scott Zabielski (@scottzabielski) sit down with Jim to chat about Legit, Australia's vote for same-sex marriage and act out everyone's favorite scenes from Forrest Gump.


 2017-11-15  50m

episode 8: Drinking, Docking & Dishonor (with Jack Whitehall)

Jack Whitehall (@jackwhitehall) sits down with Jim (and lots of alcoholic beverages) to chat about Jack's non-speaking role in Frozen, why the UK is so "fighty" and what towels they use to clean their balls.


 2017-11-08  1h5m