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No, Russia Didn’t Blow Up Their Own Pipeline

On Tuesday it was revealed that the Nord Stream 1 & 2 pipelines that carry liquefied natural gas under Northern Europe’s Baltic Sea had been sabotaged, rendering them inoperable, possibly permanently. And almost as quickly the finger-pointing began,...



“Pandemic Is Over!” Declares President Biden

At the Detroit Auto Show for an appearance on 60 Minutes, President Joe Biden declared that the pandemic is over. Not surprisingly, handlers immediately started walking back the President’s comments, but the impromptu announcement nevertheless...



Ukraine Wins Back Territory From Russia!

The news networks have brimmed with stories lately of the stunning Kharkiv counter-offensive that has seen Ukraine recapture vast swathes of territory from the invading Russians. Have we reached a turning point in the war? Is the handwriting on the...



Debate: Are Democrats REALLY Any Better Than Republicans?

Standup comedian, game show host and erstwhile Presidential candidate Ben Gleib stopped by The Jimmy Dore Show studio for a segment discussing his new special on YouTube, the state of comedy in the era of wokeness, the Trump phenomenon and whether...



COVID Booster Approved Despite ZERO Human Testing

The FDA has announced emergency use authorization of a booster shot that targets the omicron BA.5 COVID variant. How the current state of the pandemic qualifies as an “emergency” is anyone’s guess. As is the likely effect on anyone given the...



George W. Bush To Teach “MasterClass” In Leadership?

If you can believe it, ex-President George W. Bush has announced that he will be teaching a “MasterClass” in leadership that you and anyone else willing to pony up the money can take to learn what Bush has to say on the topic. Whether students...


 2022-08-26  58m

Desperate Dems Cheer FBI & Raid On Mar-A-Lago

The political world was rocked last week when FBI agents descended on Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s Florida estate, and scoured the former president’s home, making off with boxes and boxes of documents. Later reports emerged that Trump may have held...


 2022-08-19  1h5m

Roger Waters Destroys CNN Host Over Ukraine & Taiwan

Pink Floyd founding member and outspoken activist Roger Waters appeared on CNN recently and took advantage of the opportunity to school host Michael Smerconish on a range of topics, including the truth about the Ukraine War’s origins, Russia’s...


 2022-08-12  1h0m

CNN Denies We’re In A Recession To Boost Biden

New York Times opinion writer Paul Krugman won a Nobel Prize for Economics, but lately it seems like he’s gunning for a new prize – that of Biggest Apologist for the Biden administration. And in that role most recently Krugman has been downplaying...


 2022-08-05  57m

Tom Cruise VINDICATED For Viral Rant Against Big Pharma – New Study

In 2005 Tom Cruise was widely mocked, derided and accused of being a lunatic after appearing on the Today Show and expressing controversial views about the ineffectiveness of antidepressants and the widespread practice of prescribing Ritalin and...


 2022-07-30  56m