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“ Jimmy Dore is outrageous and outraged, bothersome and bothered, a crucial, profane, passionate voice for progressives and freethinkers in 21st century America.” -Patton Oswalt

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june 24, 2016

The legislation that the republicans pushed INSTEAD of passing gun legislation just might shock you.  Hillary Cllinton calls at the bottom of the hour to do Improv! LUke Russert lists the many ways Dems won on gun control.  John Lewis...


 2016-06-25  59m

june 17, 2016

News media finds new ways to marginalize Bernie.  Peter King calls to tell us how Trump is unsetting the balance inside the Republican Party.  Rudolph Guliani proclaims our culture better than the "Barbarians".  Lee Camp calls to...


 2016-06-18  1h2m

june10, 2016

Google skewed search results for Hillary Clinton and got CAUGHT.  George Clooney Calls to talke sexism and reaching a new Milestone in his personal life. "Mourning Remembrance" with Jim Earl Pres Obama & his press secretary show Hillary...


 2016-06-11  59m

june 3, 2016

Bernie Sanders starts the show off with a 15 minute phone call!  Paul Ryan reveals he is a coward and endorses Trump.  The IG investigation reveals Hillary lied repeatedly about her emails and is in big trouble, Carl Bernstein reveals the...


 2016-06-04  1h2m

may 27, 2016

Bernie Sanders calls in to open the show! Gordon Gecko is back to tell us about the corruption in American Politics and which candidate actually wants to fix that.  Money in Politics is our focus as we realize that regular voters actually have...


 2016-05-28  1h0m

may 20, 2016

Ron Paul opens the show talking about Trumps economic plans. We take an in depth look at the chaos at the Nevada State Caucus, and the bogus news reports of violence by Bernie supporters.   With Mike Macrae, Jim Earl, Stef Zamorano, Robert...


 2016-05-21  59m

may 13, 2016

Bernie Sanders gave a stern dressing down to to a smug and condescending Alan Greenspan in 2003, only 5 years later Greenspan was back admitting his theory of economics was BOGUS.  Andrea Mitchell, does the opposite of journalism when...


 2016-05-14  1h0m

may 6, 2016

Reince Priebus calls in to open the show and share his tale of wow inside RNC headquarters. Turns out Wall Street Banks are only profitable because they get 83 billion a year in Government Welfare?  CNN does a 180 and now says that Hillary...


 2016-05-07  1h0m

april 29, 2016

Andrew Jackson calls in to talk about his removal from the $20 bill.  Dennis Hastert, former GOP speaker of the house, is a SERIAL CHILD MOLESTER, and the pretend party of Family Values. CNN spends way more time promoting Fossil Fuels than...


 2016-04-30  59m

april 22, 2016

George Clooney calls in to explain his $353,000 a couple event with Hillary. We break down Clooney's interview with Chuck Todd. Peter King said that he would rather take cyanide than vote for Ted Cruz, he calls in to explain. Chris...


 2016-04-22  59m