The Jordan Harbinger Show

Selected by Apple as a "Best of 2018" Podcast. Join Jordan Harbinger with Jason DeFillippo as we get deep into the untapped wisdom of the world's top performers -- from intelligence operatives to legendary musicians, iconoclastic writers to visionary changemakers. We deconstruct the playbooks of the most successful people on earth -- and learn new strategies, perspectives and insights you can't find anywhere else. Then, take these practical insights into your own life and live what you listen.

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episode 225: Kim Scott | Care Personally, Challenge Directly with Radical Candor

Jordan talks to Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity author Kim Scott about the merits of caring personally and challenging directly.



episode 224: How to Delete Facebook Without Falling off the Planet | Feedback Friday

Is it possible to delete Facebook without falling off the planet? Jordan and Jason aim to find out here on the latest Feedback Friday!



episode 223: Bryan Johnson | A Plan for the Future of the Human Race

Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and founder and CEO of Kernel, a company developing advanced neural interfaces, and OS Fund, a venture capital firm that invests in early-stage science and technology companies.



episode 222: Matt McCarthy | The Race to Stop a Superbug Epidemic

Jordan interviews Superbugs: The Race to Stop an Epidemic author Matt McCarthy about antibiotic resistance, anti-vaxxers, and profit-driven pharmaceuticals.



episode 221: How to Meet the Parents Without a Meltdown | Feedback Friday

On this Feedback Friday, we offer some tried-and-true advice for how your significant other can meet your parents on an upcoming vacation together without a meltdown.



episode 220: Deep Dive | The Right Way to Cultivate Abundance

Gabriel Mizrahi joins us for this deep dive into what it takes to cultivate the mindset of abundance that seemingly makes generosity possible, and how to overcome the evolutionary blips in our programming that make it so...



episode 219: Adam Savage | Every Tool's a Hammer

Adam Savage is a special effects designer, educator, actor, former cohost of MythBusters, current host of Savage Builds (both on Discovery Channel), and author of Every Tool’s a Hammer: Life Is What You Make It.



episode 218: How to Renegotiate with a Bait-and-Switch Employer | Feedback Friday

How do you renegotiate terms when your new employer has axed a policy that was key in your decision to take the job in the first place? We'll tackle this and more on this Feedback Friday!



episode 217: Matthew Schrier | How to Survive in a Secret Syrian Terrorist Prison

Matt Schrier is an American photographer who survived seven months as an Al-Qaeda captive in Syria before escaping, and the author of The Dawn Prayer: A Memoir.



episode 216: Chelsea Handler | Life Will Be the Death of Me

Chelsea Handler is a writer, comedian, producer, TV host, activist, and the author of five consecutive New York Times bestsellers -- her latest is Life Will Be the Death of Me...And You Too!