The Kaiju Transmissions Podcast

Join hosts Byrd and Matt as they discuss all things giant monsters, tokusatsu, and Japanese fantasy films. We'll also cover comics, cartoons, toys, books, and more! Come here for a regular dose of everything from Godzilla and Gamera to King Kong and Ray Harryhausen to Ultraman, and everything in between!

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episode 18: Audio Commentary: Godzilla's Revenge (1969)

On our very first audio commentary, Byrd, Matt and Tom tackle Ishiro Honda's Godzilla's Revenge (aka All Monsters Attack)! This oddball kids movie is far and away one of the most maligned entries in the Godzilla series. We'll discuss the history and soci...


 2016-11-28  1h36m

episode 17: The Politics of Shin Godzilla

On this special post-Election Day episode, Byrd and Matt are joined by Japanese culture guru and musician Chris Marti (of the one man band Cosmic Monster) to discuss the loaded messages behind Shin Godzilla. Arguably the most politically charged Godzilla...


 2016-11-13  2h6m

episode 16: Toho's HOUSE (1977)

Our October horror series concludes with our Halloween episode! Byrd and Matt are joined by Trev (of If It Bleeds We Can Kill it and Days of Future Podcast) to talk about Nobuhiko Obayashi's HOUSE, one of the oddeste genre films in Toho's Showa filmograp...


 2016-10-31  1h23m

episode 15: Matango: The Fungus of Terror!

NEW EPISODE: On this installment of our October horror series, we are once again joined by Tom of the Second Run Podcast to look at Ishiro Honda's cult classic Matango (aka Attack of the Mushroom People) from 1963. This is stylish horror film is arguably...


 2016-10-27  56m

episode 14: Dracula: Toho Style! (The Bloodthirsty Trilogy)

For the next spooky October episode, Byrd and Matt are joined by Tom of the Second Run Podcast to take a look at Toho's Dracula Trilogy (aka The Bloodthirsty Trilogy) of the 70s. Many people are aware of Toho's interpretations of King Kong and Frankenste...


 2016-10-21  1h6m

episode 13: Shin Godzilla: Giant Sized Spoiler Discussion!

On this episode, we take a super thorough look at Shin Godzilla, the latest entry in the franchise. After 12 years, Toho have come back to release a what is arguably the most divisive and unique entry in the long running series. There is SO much to talk ...


 2016-10-14  2h8m

episode 12: Toho's Frankenstein Monster and the Gargantuas

Happy October! To kick off a month of horror-centric episodes, we will be looking at Toho's take on the Frankenstein Monster by examining 1965's Frankenstein Conquers The World, and its sequel The War of the Gargantuas. We are joined by special guest Jel...


 2016-10-06  1h35m

episode 11: Godzilla Recap: Legendary Pictures' Godzilla (2014)

Just in time to get us caught up to Shin Godzilla's US theatrical release, we are joined on this episode by special guest Eric to wrap up our Godzilla Recap. We'll be diving into 2014's big budget Hollywood Godzilla reboot from Legendary Pictures/Warner ...


 2016-09-30  57m

episode 10: Godzilla Recap: The Millennium Series

The newest installment focuses on the third Japanese series of Godzilla films. After the Tristar movie, Toho took matters into their own hands and started a new series of films, which lasted from 1999-2004. How do these six films hold up over a decade la...


 2016-09-21  1h56m

episode 9: Godzilla Recap: Tristar's Godzilla (1998)

Our Godzilla series recap continues with the most despised entry in the series. Roland Emmerich's GODZILLA (1998)! Far and away the most divisive take on Godzilla and the most maligned entry in the series by G-Fans. But does the movie deserve this reputa...


 2016-09-13  1h21m