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Established in 2009. If you want to learn about beekeeping this is the show for you. It's been described by many as fun and informative. Hosts Gary and Margaret from New Zealand share tips, interviews and news about beekeeping. We discuss ways to bee more successful with your bees, get a sweet honey crop and keep your bees healthy. Please give us a listen.

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episode 159: Q&A - Getting Ready for Winter

In this show we answer questions about Api Life Var and New Queens, where to put a box and Losing a Queen.


 2020-05-06  37m

episode 160: Making a Gallon of Mead: Micro Mead Making With Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is a Beekeeper, Educator and Mead Maker from Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA. In this episode we discuss how and why Micro Mead Making is the greatest way to start Making Mead.


 2020-05-03  50m

episode 158: Q and A - Don't Blow my Buzz

In this LIVE show we answer questions about Controlling Varroa Mites, People Allergic to Bees and How to find the Queen in a hive.


 2020-04-22  1h7m

episode 157: Banned in the EU But Still Sold in NZ

This week we ask why the EU is banning pesticides and What are some great plants that help bumble bees. We have roving reporters checking in from Scotland, England, Australia and United States


 2020-04-01  41m

episode 156: Detroit Bee City

Detroit Bee City - KM156


 2020-02-19  53m

episode 155: Is Honey Good for Kids

In this episode we ask Is there any Health Benefits for Children to eat Honey and and it's not all about the Honey in Wales. We also have roving reporters checking in from the United States and New Zealand.


 2019-12-24  37m

episode 154: Rivalry Over Manuka Honey

In this episode we talk about the rivalry over manuka honey between NZ and OZ and a man in California is saving bees by building them hives. We also have roving reporters checking in from Canada and Scotland.


 2019-12-11  46m

episode 153: Fighting The Threat Of Extinction

In this episode we talk about Riverside bees in Yorkshire and how regenerative farming is helping the Bees and the soil in Canada.


 2019-11-20  38m

episode 152: The Honeybee Corridor

In this episode we talk about a Honeybee Corridor and can American Foul brood be cured. We also have roving reporters checking in from New Zealand and the United States of America.


 2019-10-30  26m

episode 151: Q and A - Do you have to keep bees warm over winter

In this show we answer questions about Keeping Bee Warm, Mites, Robbing Bees and pesky wasps


 2019-10-16  28m