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When Good Intentions Go Bad

Jonathan Haidt is an author, social psychologist and one of the world’s leading experts in moral psychology. On the show we discuss helicopter parenting, the rise of the “call out culture,” and the dangers of social media. --- For comprehensive...



Leading Above the Line

Jim Dethmer, founder of The Conscious Leadership Group shares practical advice about becoming more self-aware, ditching the victim mindset, and connecting more fully with the people in our lives.  --- For comprehensive show notes on this episode,...


 2019-06-18  1h49m

Following Intellectual Curiosity

Thomas Tull, founder of Tulco and former CEO of Legendary Entertainment shares valuable lessons on learning from our own mistakes, asking difficult questions, and protecting our intellectual curiosity. --- For comprehensive show notes on this episode,...


 2019-05-28  1h11m

Popping the Filter Bubble

DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg talks data privacy, protecting yourself online and shares his favorite mental models for clearer thinking. --- For comprehensive show notes on this episode, including a full edited transcript, go...


 2019-05-14  1h35m

Decoding Difficult Conversations

Sheila Heen, two time NY Times best selling author, consultant, and lecturer at Harvard Law School, makes the tough talks easier by breaking down the three layers that make up every difficult conversation --- For comprehensive show notes on this...


 2019-04-30  1h28m

Catalyzing Success

Daniel Gross, former Y Combinator partner and current founder of Pioneer, discusses how we can make our success less about luck, the powerful role we play in the lives of others, and the valuable lessons he learned about leadership. --- For...


 2019-04-16  1h27m

Launch Day for The Great Mental Models: Volume 1

Today is launch day for the Audible version of The Great Mental Models: General Thinking Concepts, our first mental model book. In this special edition of The Knowledge Project, I'm reading an excerpt from the book that explains why this book, why...


 2019-04-09  8m

Becoming a Model Thinker

On this episode, Scott Page, 5x Author and Professor of Complex Systems at the University of Michigan explains the power mental models have in how we view the world, discover creative solutions and solve complex problems. --- For comprehensive show...


 2019-04-02  1h23m

Doing the Enough Thing

Basecamp CEO and co-founder Jason Fried gives us a peek behind the scenes of his company and discusses his philosophy on doing great work, making a positive difference, and learning to breathe in the fast paced culture of today’s workplace. --- For...


 2019-03-19  59m

Luck, Risk and Avoiding Losers

Billionaire investor, author and co-founder of Oaktree Capital Howard Marks discusses risk assessment, how to think different than the crowd, and the three mighty dares that separate the successful from the also-rans. --- For comprehensive show notes...


 2019-03-05  1h32m